Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The healing powers of tea for the inside and out

By now we have all heard from numerous celebrities and advertisements about the benefits of green tea when it comes to dieting, but that is not the only benefit that tea offers. While green is one variety of tea, there are three other varieties including oolong, black and white, and each have different tastes and benefits. As a drink served either hot or iced, tea offers many internal health benefits. However, those little tea leaves offer a whole word of dfferent benefits on the outside as well.
Reducing stress
Being British, I was brought up on tea and learned to make a perfect "cuppa" by the time I was a young girl. While tea time in Britain has always been a relaxing and calming time, tea also seems to be something people turn to when they are under stress. A medical study done in 2009 by psychologist Dr. Malcolm Cross at City University London showed the world what every person in Britain already knew: The act of making and drinking a simple cup of tea has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress levels and bring you to a much more relaxed state. So ladies, instead of turning to chocolate when we are stressed, a cup of tea might work better and our waistline would appreciate it (or if you are like me, have a chocolate cookie with that tea and you are good to go).
Weight loss and metabolism boost
Green tea has been promoted all over the weight loss industry for its properties to aid in dieting, but is it for real or is it all hype? According to studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea works to increase metabolism, intensify fat oxidation, helps glucose regulation, and works to reduce appetite.
Now, that's the internal benefits, but what about on the outside?
Now, if you are like me and drink tea throughout the day, you are left with many used tea bags. Instead of throwing them out, here are a few ways to use those left over tea bags for even more medical benefits.
First-aid and anti-itch treatments
Using a warm tea bag to place over dry, cracking skin can help soothe pain and itching. Have you spent too much time in the sun and are now sporting a sunburn? Add a few old tea bags to your bath water and soak. The tannins in the tea act as a natural antiseptic and will relieve itching, swelling and pain. Have a mosquito bite that is itching like crazy? Drop an old tea bag in a bit of warm water to heat it up and then apply it to the bite. Leave it there until the bag cools and it will work to draw out the poison from the bite and help keep the itching away.
Fighting cavities and treating cold sores
Teas are filled with Polyphenol antioxidants which work to prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth, making tea a great cavity fighter. Have a problem cold sore that just won't seem to go away? Place a warm tea bag on the cold sore for about 30 minutes a day until it disappears. The tea works to disinfect the cold sore and extract toxins.
Relieve dark circles and puffy eyes, plus make those styes disappear

Have one of those annoying styes that just won't seem to go away? Try placing a warm tea bag on your eye three times a day until the warm tea bag cools. The tea will help to bring the sty to a head and help it heal much quicker. These have been a problem for me through the last year, and I have found that the tea bags really help speed up the healing process.
So, while you take a seat, pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea and relax, don't throw that tea bag away. Keep it to treat whatever may be bothering you, and hey, no excuses for puffy eyes and dark circles anymore.
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David said...

I've been drinking more hot tea lately and scaling back my coffee intake in an effort to help my body. You've mentioned lots of benefits of tea so glad I'm doing the right thing. Nice post!!

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