Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady Gaga Fan,Maria Aragon Sings in Ellen Degeneres Show..

Recieved standing ovation from the audience of the Ellen De Generes  show famous 10 years old fil-Canadian Fans Of Miley Cyrus from Winnepeg,Canada .Mary among the famous celebrities who were Guest of the Ellen Show.Made of her birthday special because of the host.Firts interviewed by Ellen before she sing the Hit Song Of Miley Cyrus as "Born This Way"Which made the young Fil- Canadian to upload his Videos On you tube.Said Mary was singing seven years old..
Happy little  story of youtube sensation .From Youtube upload of Mary Singing"born this way "by lady gaga,reached over 11 million people have watched it.Ellen Asked why she sang such a song of Miley Cyrus.Mary answered"Becuase of the meaning of the song,it has a great maeaning"its about just being yourself in as much who god made you and your're not different than anybody else".Mary also Guest on the show  By Ellen the other forums risen singer like Charice Pempengco and Arnel pineda.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time Managements

Time Management is the act or process of exercising concious  control over the amount of time spent on specific activities,especially to increase efficient or productivity,the time managements maybe aided by a range of skills,tools and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific task ,projects and goals,this set encompasses a wide scope of activities.and these include planning ,allocating.setting goal.delegation,analysis of time spent monitoring, organizing,and prioritizing,initially ,time  management referred  to a business or work activities.but eventually the term broandened,tools to include personal activities as well.a time managements is necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion and the time scope.TIME MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST

The story behind the title,ive been online since morning,trying to make a little changes in my blog.all i wanted to do, is just change the templates design,i wanted it on my own design,while promoting my site in any means,facebook,myspace,twitter.but what happened is, ive been busy browsing lots of blogsite and almost forgot the real task, which is designing on blog. 2 hours or more up late at night is a big thing coz you know why? lack of sleep got me irritated.irritate in a small stuff.and i found out why i act that way?.its affect with my job and with the people sorrounds me. according to my research

Lacks of sleep affects our personalities and our sense of humor,we may become irritable and less tolerant.

Lack of sleep clearly  affects our thinking ,or cognitive ,processes,a sleep deprived brain is truly running on four rather than eight cylinders.if were trying to be creative,the motor doesnt work as well,we can perform.calculation ,but not as quickly ,were much likely to make errors.its  because the brain engine hasnt been replinished.

Sleep deprivation also affects us physically.Our condition suffers,we lose our ability  to do things with agility sleep improve muscle tone ans skin appearance  with adequate  sleep athletes run better.swim better and lift more.depending on someone sleeps.

Ok back to main topic.TIME Managements that all i need to make everything run smoothly that wont affect my job and my  health as well. i guess i need to organize everything,my working hours,my time on blogging and marketing online.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Golden Bowl an Inspiring Story..

 A frail old man went to live with his son,daughter in law and four year old grand son.the old man's hand trembled ,his eyesight was blurred,his step faltered.

the family ate together at the table.but the elderly grandfather's shaky 
hands and failing sigh made eating difficult.
when he grasp the glass ,milk spilled on the table cloth.

The son and daughter inlaw became irritated with the mess.
"We must do something about father,said the son.
'I have had enough of his spilled milk,noisy eating,and food on the floor"

So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner.
There the grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner.since grandfather had broken dish or two,his food was served in a wooden bowl.

When the family glanced in grandfather's direction,sometimes he had  tears in his eyes as he sat alone.
Still,the only words the couple had for him were sharp admonitions when he dropped the fork and spilled food.
the four year old watched it all in silence.

One night evening before supper,the father noticed his son playing with wood scraps on the floor.he asked the child sweetly"what are you making"? just as sweetly the boy responded.'oh i am making a little bowl for you and mama to eat your food in when i grow up.
the four years old boy smiled and went back to work. 

The words so struck the parents so that they were speechless.then tears started to stream down their cheeks.though no words was spoken both knew what must be done .that evening  the husband took grandfather's hand and gently led him back to the family table.for the remainders of his days he ate every meal with the family.and for some reason.neither husband nor wife seemed to care any longer when a fork was dropped,milk spilled,or the tablecloth soiled..

on a postive note,ive learned that,no matter waht happens,how bad it seems today,life does go on,and it will be better tomorrow.i've learned that you can  tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles four things: A rainy day,the elderly,lost luggage,and tangles christmas treelights:

I'ved learned that making a living is not the same things as making a life"Ive leraned that lifes sometimes gives you a second chnace.
Ive learned that you should'nt go through life with a catcher's mitt on
Both hands ,you need to be able to throw something back sometimes.

Ive leraned that if you pursue happiness,it will elude you,but if you fucos on your family ,your friends,the needs of the others,yours workk and doing the very best you can. happiness will find you..
I've learned that whenever i decide something with an open heart,i usually make the right decision.

I've learned that even when i have pains,i dont have to be one.
I've learned that every day,you should reach out and touch someone
People that love that human touch.holding hands,warm hugs,or just a 
friendly pat on the back .I've learned that i still have lots to learn.
Ived learned that you should pass this on to everyone you care about.

Special thanks to my Friend SONNY PENALOSA for sharing this wonderful story..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jelousy Causes and Cure

Speak to Me Lord...Inspirational Writings by Women for Women: Volume 1JEALOUSY  defined in Dictionary as "Zealous Vigilance" 

Causes of Jealousy

Unmet Expectations
  Many times we place unrealistic expecattion on ourselves and the people around us,often times we feel things should come easier and faster to us,then if things dnt happen when we thik they should,we inevitably run ito someone  who already has what we want,all of a sudden ,we feel this surge of ugly  emotios calle jelousy.

A Sense of Entitlement.

For some reason we have this ingrained attitude that we are entitled to thigs,kids leaving the nest for the first believe thier own standard of living should be the same as thier parents.they dont consider that the parents have worked for years and years ,may times people with fiancial problems feel "entitled" to buy things on credit,even though they know that is a bad idea.having the nicest car and the newest toys seems important than getting out of debt.


It is so easy to look and wish we had what they have,and so many times it doesnt stop there.we start berating ourselves for not having waht they have,then we begin to believe negatives junk ourselves.the next things we knew"we've developed Insecurities in Our relationship.

How To Overcome  Jealousy

Stop comparing yourself to other were created a very unique and a special person.god had plan for you long before you took your first breath.relish that thought ,love the fact that you're special.what god has in mind for you isnt the same as for someone you dt have to feel bad that you dont have all the qualities ,features,money,or anything else that someone has.your journey is just thats.YOURS

Stop worrrying about you all the time.find way to be blessing to someone else,when you change your fucos away from yourself.all of the suddenyour self image improves,you get to experinece the feelings of satisfaction that only come when youre blessing to someone else, your priorities start changes and on one day you realize that the things that used to make so jealous and so nuts ,dnt bother  you so much anymore

Stop Wanting What Other People have  if your not willing to go through what they did to get it.when you see a person who is physically fit and looks positively great,It easy to feel really jealous.But you are willing to work out everyday?  are you willing  to eat healthy and look for ways to be healthy? if your not then if your not  then there really is no reason to feel of got jelous.

Start fucosing on al that positive of  life, god has given soo mnay wonderful gifts that may other people dnt have .fucos on using gifts  to help to someone else.since your mind can only consciously think aboout one   things at a time.doesnt it make sense to make sure that,i positive  and moving  towards the really great thing to in life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Its been a long  day for me,my body sore,my mind is fully occupied of what to write.whats the best topic that i could share on my facebook that might attracts readers. while laying on my bed holding my phone and ofcourse FB is ON,i felt  sadness that i cant explain,missing home,family and friends,and quickly posted " IM SAD ... I wanna go home.. i know i can get back any comments on my post.then here it goes a few minutes i got my closest friend commented and my aunt as well but it  pisst me off when i saw one guy commented on my post,telling that im his wife... what he is talking about ,i dont even know him,he just popped up my wall and spreading some crap! the conversation on my wall is not getting any better instead i deleted coz i dnt find its healthy spread in the fb world. that normal thing i guess in social network,since im adding lots of friends with a purpose that is possibly will happen again..but poor guy i blocked him,i warned him to stop but he didnt listen thats why i did the right thing.

Thats made me think why are soo many people trying to hit me up in FB?maybe its because i got a nice pics on my profile? they just dont even know if thats the real me or just using another images just to catch attention.and as what i noticed a few weeks ago i changed my profile pics and guess wha???t i got lots of request so therefore i concluded  that men are more on the physical appearance.oh well thats the trend now a days.

Facebook is a part of my life while away from home.but since i started blogging thats the other way to drive traffic on my site.Being a beginner in blogging its kinda hard for me to figure out things,but i know i can make,all i need is just a lil patient and time management,i cant be up till late for my remaining months in here,so im just taking it slowly.While writing this,my bestfriend  pm me that shes been from the Doctor and its confirm 6 weeks preganant YEHEY! im soo happy my 2 bestfriend are stable best yhan is  2 months pregnant and best wenmg is six week..i cant wait to see beautiful and cuties baby,i wish them both a goodluck and happy marriage..i love them soo much.

I want to write more blah blah but my eyes killing me. so i better go bed ,and see you all guys tomm..god bless us all...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Songs Download Quick and Easy.

         by:Whitney Houston

Im wiser Now
Im not the foolish girl that you used to know.
So long ago
Im stronger now
Ive learned  from my mistake which way to go
And i should know
I put myself aside to do it your way
But now i need to do it all alone.

And i am not afraid to try it on my own
I dont care if im right or wrong
I'll live my life  the way i feel
No matter what i'll keep it real you know
Time for me to do it,on my own.
Yeah yeah,mmmm.yeah yeah

Its over now
I can go back to living through the eyes
Too many lines
And if you dont know by now
I cant go back to someone else
Not anymore
I never had a chance  to do thing on my way
So now its time to me to take control.

And im not afraid  to try it on my own
I dont  care if im right or wrong
I'll live my life the way  i feel way
No matter waht im gonna keep it real you know.
Time for me to do it.

Oh i start again to go back to one
Running things my way,
Cant stop me now ,ive just begun
Dont think bout it
Theres aint no way about it.
Im taking  now,the one og mine
Yes im gonna take my turn
Its time for me to finally  stand alone,stand alone.

And i am not afraid to try with all my own.
I dont care if im right or wrong
I'll live my life the way  i feel
No matter what,im gonna keep it real
Time for me to do it ..
See i can do it..

Download your favorite  Songs,lyrics,Mp3 and Ringtones for free DOWNLOADS HERE!!

Get Smarter Everyday

Try This Little Tricks To Grow Your Intelligence.

Read Between The Lines

Pick up a novel or even a book of modern poetry and u will be helping your brain work better.according to the recent study in psychology science,when you are exposed to something that doesnt automatically make sense.your mind tries to find some other kinds of meaning.a responce  thats kicks gray matter into high gear and enhance the  parts that incharge of learning.
   If you prefer whodunnits or historical romances,no need to worry,your minds is getting just as stretched,but in a slight  differents ways,says Dr Keith Oatley,Ph.D former director of cognitive science program at the university of toronto."Fiction in general  is a kind of simulation of our emotional  and social worlds.people who read lots of fictions tend to be more empathetic and social intelligent than those who dont" the bottom line Read something with substance"even when you peruse the news papers ormagazine,youre  taking different ideas.creating a bigger database knowledge in your minds"says Daniel Willingham Ph.D a professor of psychology at the university of california.

Solve a Small Screen Mistery

Flip an episode  of  LOST and CSI to help build your intelligence.Tv showsn thats include elements  such as overlapping plot strands ,several primary characters moral and ambiguity.and no helpful connect the dot narrator actually engage your brain in gathering data ,hypothesizing, and testing process that mirrors the scientifin method according to:Steven Johnson  author of everythin bas is for good,how todays popular  culture is actually make us Samrter..

Conk Out

Getting enough shut eye may help your brain process the day by strengthening  memories in all connection between neurons  resultig the better recall.Reports a new study from michigan state universities. Participating were asked to identify the  a list of  words shown to them.after haing eitherfull night sleep or not sleep at all
those hadnt snozed made the most mistake meaning they were more likely to have incorrect memopries

Tune Up

According  to recent study review from online Faculty  f 1000 biology  and medicine ,practicing a musical instrument connects and develop the motor system of the brain ,refining the entire neurological system in that ways that cant be done through any other activity. if your not about to run out and sign yourself up the flute lessons,you can get similar benefits by playing games such as  easy piano for NINTENDO DS ,which come with an external 13 notes full actice keyboard,or kb piano for your PC  which lets you play  more than  100 differents instruments,from guitar to ocarina"in some ways ,the brain is like a muscle"Says Richards Haier Ph.D a professor of pedriatic neurology of university of california Irvine.Meaning the more it worked  such as by practicing  an instrument  the more effecient it becomes.

Social With Smarties

Instead of  heading straight home to your work PJ and a glass of pinot after work ,go happy hour with your pals to do your brain good"the mental gymnastic sthat come with the social interaction  may provide boost  to our cognitive  functioning"says Oscar  Ybarra Ph.D a professor  of psychology at the university of Michigan. in his research  he found that study participants who were  more social had higher  level of cognitive performace ,meaning they were better  at remembering information taht could later be used  for planning,setting goals,and reasoning.Take your socializing to the next  level by  hanging out with people who are brainer than you.even if it means you have to pick up the tab!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Chicks

Keeping up with the Kardsahian is one my favorite reality show on E' online reality just trying to search the replay of this reality show but i cant find it.Im the avid  fan of  kardashian  sisters  and their fashion style.Kardashian sister combining their sex appeal to the power of three.Kourtney is the oldest,next Kim or Kimberly,khloe is the youngest.they Became famous as a friend of Paris Hilton and rode to her two sister  to tv fame,They owned  Boutique of their own brand clothing DASH.the sisters have different  beauties and a fashion style.but the sexiest of them all is kimberly.she was divorced,from a plain housewife  turn into fashion Icon,she is one of the paparazzi darling,the camera is always ready to get some latest news..see more about the kardashian sister..

All images is owned by google:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outsmart your Diet.

image by google
 The research show 35 percent of women who admit they've kept pair of jeans that used to fit,in the hopes they'll slimdown enough to wear them again.with so many drawbacks,you might wonder if you'd be better off just accepting
your belly rolls.but the perils of being  overweight still outweight the risk of yoyoing .so how you quit the cycle for good?

Be Realistic
"Make sure your diet is one you can stick with "says Dr fletcher,author of  thin for life . no crash diets or fads that will be impossible to fact,reconsider the whole notion of dieting as a temporary fix.think of what youre doing as a permanent lifestyle shift."this is how i eat now"

Be Patient
Dont try to loose too much soon.a healthy goal for slimming down,according to national institute of healthis to reduce your weight by approximately 10 percent over six months

Be Supportive
Researcher have found that socializing with others who have successfully lost weight improves your odds of maintaining your own weight enlist buddy or join a group.

Be Analytical
Record mood changes hunger  levels ,so you can learn distinguish when your eating for emotional reason

Be Vigilant
"If you lose 30 pounds then gain is three.its easy to think that has no big deal,but it is slippery slope"foster says.especially if  you have yo yoing .weigh yourself weekly ,and have a clear plan of action ready if the scales swing too far.

Be Flexible
"switch  eating plans if you get bored"says Michael Dansinger.M.D weigh loss and nutrition and advisor for the biggest loser and assistant professor at Tuffs School of medicine in boston.research indicates  youre  more likely to be succesful.

Be Active
Besides consuming low calorie low fat diet and being mindful about self monitoring .you must exercise.this is the key  strategy that keeps  the 6,000 members of the national weight control registry.(an ongoing study of adults  who have lost atleast  30 pounds  and kept it off for a year)that doesnt mean  you have to train marathon .half an hour  of walking everyday  is all you need to burn calories ,build muscle .temper,craving and increase "feel good " endorphin level.

Be Optimistic
"one of the most important tips for being a succesful weight loser is not tolet the past failed attempts keep you to try again.Dansinger says"everytime you fail you get more insight about what to do  differently next time.

Three Time in Life  When Your Weight is Prime To Spike

In College
Nearly in quarter of college freshmen gain 5 percent  of their body weight during  their first semester and with the late night snack and all day cafeterias,that gain is likely to continue.

What to do:
Ditch  the cafeteria tray;suggest alpers Psy.D author of" 50 ways to soothe yourself with out food"carrying the items individually  will make you more likely  to think about your food choices.

In Love
Research repeatedly shows that living with  or marrying  a man can add to your  waistline."women often adjust their habit eating habits to match those men" alpers says.

What to do:
Remember that the needs(and burns) alot of calories  than you do,so dont match him bite for bite in every meal,also makes dates to do something besides  eat dinner,and agree to go to gym as a couple as often as you both can.

In Your 30'S
Most women  naturally start to lose muscle mass  around this age so their meatbolism  slows.then,even if theyre  eating the same amount  they always have.they dont burn off as much as the scale to creep up.

What to do:
pump up some iron you may not able to stop losing muscle  mass,but  you can slow down the rate  of loss.fitting in 2 or 3 minutes  strenght training session a weel will help your metabolism fired up.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

National Campaign for Families Domestic Safety

National campaign  for families domestic safety aims to join the effort of the different govermental  and community organization that concerned about family protection work together to spread behavioral  safety  and preventive culture among family members to ensure safety measures are properly in their houses.

Things To Be Consider:

*Ensure to use approved  and high quality electrical devices,equipments and networking.
*Kitchen ,children rooms,restroom hall ways  and store room should be equipped through out with smoke heat   and voice alarm detectors.
*Stairways  should be fitted with grills
*Kitchen should be fitted with gas leakage detector
*Ensure bathrooms are fitted with handles and anti slippery ,so old people can use them.
*Home/villa should have external escape ladder
*Free and unblocked emergency exits
*Kitchen should be provided with minimum 1/2 hours smoke and heat resistant doors
*Ensure windows are kept with out rails as they could be used as exit during fire exit.
*Never leave electrical wires  uninsulated ,or run them under the carpet,ensure wires and cables are periodical maintained
*Keep minimum 1 meter between any fire or heat source and the inflammable  items.
*Home/villa should have more than one emergency exit.

Hazard Areas in Home/Villas/Apartment

     Exhaust Fan
     Gas Cylinder
    Exhaust Fan
 *Living Room
    Electrical Distributors

Safety  Tips for Household

   *Never smoke in bedroom or in children area 25 % of fire accidents is caused by smoking.
   * Never make barbeque or use coal heaters in confined places.
   *Train some family member to awake  and evacuate children and old people and people with special
      needs during fire emergency.
   *Train family member children in particular on how  to safely evacuate the home of fire occurs
   * make sure to know all information  related to different types of home and fires and how to douse  each
   * Make fire  action plan to teach the family members  and house maid what to do during fire accidents

How to handle  gas cylinder 

   *Ensure correct connecting hose with suitable  lenght is used.
   * Keep gas cylinder in well ventilated closed cabinet away from direct sunrays or inflammable materials.
   * Do not throw or roll the gas cylinder
   *Do not store  gas cylinder inside the cabinet.
     Incase  of Gas Leakages
   *Immediate Evacuate the persons
   *Make sure to turn cooker burners off after every use and to close the gas supply source while going to
      sleep or leaving the place.
   *Never use matches to check the leakages instead,use soap foam,if bubbles appear that means yes.
   *Ensure to tightly close the gas valve
   *Never attempt  to open/close the power exhausted fan to avoid explosion
   *close nearby ignition source
   *Allocate the source of leakage and call technician to rectify
   * open the doors/windows for ventilation.

Electical Hazard
    *Disconnect laptop  socket when you finish,do not put in flammable material as it can get heated.
    *All internal and external electrical wires must be insulated
    *Electrical devices must be rectify promptly.
    *Switch off electrical sockets which children could reach
    *unplug electrical wires from sockets if not use.

How  to Use Fire Extinguisher
    *Carry the extinguisher
    *Aim at the base of the fire
    *Squeeze the handle.

When The Pan Catches Fire.
    *if the fires  rises around  the pan.use the dry towel of fire extinguisher to put it out.
    *Leave the pan covered unti lits get cold to prevent oxygen from entering and increase the fire,
    *Never Use water to extinguish fat pan fire as well as the worsen the fire due to fast scaterring .
    *Do not catch the burning burning pan and rush to faucets to extinguish.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Please Pray For Sally ordinario villanueva to lighten her death sentenced.

Sally Ordinario Villanueva  of  Isabela  province was sentenced to death after being caught with 4 kilos of heroin in Xiamen on December 24,2008
Sally started working  as a domestic helper in macau after the contract end ,she went back to philippines but was again recruited to work as a cellphone  store helper in china.
before the mother of 2 left to china her recruiter told her to bring  the luggage of their boss.sally was  able to send 2 letters to her family during 2 years in jail while her case was being tried in the court. in her last letter sally seemed soo happy  and conveyed  her love and longing for her family.

She was scheduled on monday for her death sentence  her family flew to china to support  and can able to talk and see her for the last.  the phillippine goverment still working on her light sentence.lets pray for sally ordinario  villanueva and the other filipino on the death row  that the goverment of china and phillippines goverment talk will work out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The One Who Won My Heart

Its a cold morning ,i want to write more but my brain is empty,im listening with my favorite song,im not inlove,i dont have  someone to call my own as my lover,but  this song really inspired me.the one who won my heart by Christian Bautista  a filipino singer,actor and a bench model.he is known also as ASIA POP IDOL,he is  also multi awarded  recording artist and singing sensation in the philippines,indonesia,malaysia,thailsnd and singapore.
Enjoy listening..have  a great morning to everyone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Du Facebook Free Access Is Really Out?

 Ive been enjoying this Facebook  free access from  DU the only mobile carriers that has a free access on Facebook in The United Arabs Emirates but has limited features such pictures and some media application if you are trying to avail those feautres data charges apply,all you have to do is sign up and complete the process,2 days ago i was soo sad because everytime i logged in into the link that was sent on my mobile this is all i got  Du facebook free access its say that my mobile is not longer supported by the mobile carrier,i didnt stop trying for the whole but i wont get me through.that made me think to use the but when i thought that would cost me alot i never tried to set up my mobile.however i still have another option using Facebook while working is through Facebook mobile web as long as i am connected on the wireless connection i can access still on facebook for no cost,its soo funny though im always wanted for free stuff  who else doesnt  want?
Everyday im trying to do the same thing trying to logged in at thats the time i can make it but when im trying to open like home and inbox its says the same thing not supported by the mobile carrier visit or contact the services provider and indicate your IP address,i never did i still hoping that one day it will be back like it used to.i dnt know why that everytime if i have something on my mind and i see a lil chance to make it happen i just wait a lil time and see what i can do..

Finally i can access now on my facebook mobile free access i just did nothing,because i thought at that time they just want me to registered and ofcourse pay  for the services.what if i did the process that they sent to me what would will be the result,it could be i will lost my link from 1056 and they will replace another code so that everytime i will access on facebook they will charge me big time! and thats no joke because im trying to save money so that when i go back to my country (philippines) i can start just a lil business just to earn a living while jobless.

Now im enjoying a free access from DU, its a great thing facebook 24/7 anytime anywhere as long as theres a Signal from the DU network.for those who are experiencing the same problem just try to do the same thing if u wanted to keep the free access coz once you will registered on the link they will send you it will gone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Feels like im taking the wrong way
I barely recognize my own reflection
Im scared to trust but scare not to trust.
Ive been Staying  on the safest side
Guarding my heart to the extent,to save me
From pain.

When i think true love will never find me
even i just run away,its still right behind me
all i need to do is open my eyes and see
that  the real is just around me.

Right person will comes on my way,
In the right time and place for me.
I dont need to rush and plan ahead
coz i know everything will be added to me.

Faith and patient will be the key in order
for me to live happily. for the life is great
i will make the best out of it..

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Valentines Day Fever Is Over.

The Valentines day fever is over in the other side of the world.the other  side  of the world is still Rushing,due to time difference.everyone of us have different ways to express our love on the special day..ive been online in facebook all day..its so nice that everytime there is special occassion most people connect with their love one in the net.internet makes the people connect in just one just being me today,no date,no gifts,just work all day while being nosey on whats going on in facebook.i just wonder if how much do facebook made from a high traffic,i guess million.its soo funny that everyone really want to get updated with what do i.its about 1 A.M where i am at now..thats all for today i just wanted to share my Valentines day was ..and hoping that everyone have had a great valentines Day..before i forgot  some people asking  what is the real essence of celebrating Valentines Day? for me its just a special day that we will express our love,either with our lover,parents,sister and brother and friends as well..some says

14k White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Band, Size 6.5 (GH, SI3-I1, 1.50 carat)
Suggested Engagement Ring
Valentines day is just for lovers?,its for everybody who wants to celebrate.for those lovers ofcourse,this is the moment that having a great time with their partner,husband and wife,boyfriend and girlfriend,engaged or not engaged,candle light dinner with matching roses and gifts and it also a great for marriage proposal.expressing love is not only on valentines Days but its everyday..Heres another story why we celebrate valentines day..

Long time ago in the roman empire theres a king who wanted  men to join  in the army.but to him all men wanted to do is to marry and have made him mad to do og what he he made the marriage is illegal.there was a priest named St Valentines  who didnt want people to be tempted so he do marry them in secret.needless to say the roman king found out  and put him in prison.while in prison he wrote  his family and friends and asked prayers and not forget their valentines.the king murdered him thats why we have a valentines day on 14th in order to remember St Valentines..

that is just another story but lots of version on how and why we celebrate the special..its time to say goodbye to everyone..see u later...

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let Save Our Natural Resources.Go Organics..

Organic farming is better for the environment.the evidence is clear.and the research has shown  that its more profitable  and productive over the long why farmers hasnt  switched to organic methods.especially if farming organically can also stop climate the limited soil resources for other uses.and eliminate the  majority of the toxins from our soil and water.first attitude must chnage.and starts  with help you understand the issue and give you the ammunition to talk about them with others.heres the facts should us to know.
     Agricultural chemicals destroys the soil natural ability to store and restore the natural carbon

Mycorrhizal fungi are our greatest alley in the fight for our survival on this planet:the fungi that grow on the roots of the plants and contributes to taking the green house gasses out of the air.they are the hidden heroes beneath us.chemicals these hidden heroes.

     Chemical poison  the air ,water,soil.

The manufacturing ,transportation,and use of chemicals for agricultures are energy intensive and poisonous of all things that come and with contact with them.most chemicals dont biodegrade within a few months,like nuclear waste,some toxic last forever anf many of the impact are known to be horrible.already deed zone in the ocean are starting to spread.wells are contaminated.and we suffered increasingly from infections and disease such as asthma,diabetes,cancers that are connected to these chemical.


    Smaller dose of chemicals can be just as dangerous as large doses.

Most of the goverment regulations on chemicalsare based on estimated safe amount of exposure.doctors and scientist findings.however,that small doses,and cumulatives doses,can just be  as toxic as large doses.there are really no safe limits.

   Chemical are not necessray to grow food.

Synthetic fertilizer ,pesticide,fungicides and genetically modified organism.are a subtitute for thinking and understanding,and effort.they are necessary only to generate large profit of business and for disposing of our toxic industrial wastes.vitually every food in the world has been succesfully grown and made organically in modern,productive,and regenerative ways -from fine wine to white flour,apples,cherries.the most delivcious gourmet beef and olive oil.

   Organic foods are healthier and safer.

Studies have shown  that some organic  foods are higher in ati oxidant and powerful cancers fighting  nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acids.theyre safer because  they are produce with out dangerous chemicals.antibiotics and risky  and cheap practices like feeding deads cows to living cows.or putting contaminated sewage sludge onto farmfileds.Certified organic products are the only foods available that have a goverment backed guarantee that no chemicals.antibiotocs sewage sludge were used in the growing or processing of the food.

    Eating organic is easier  than ever

Choosing to eat organic food does not condemned you to a diet of nuts,berries and you can find organic version of the most popoylar is possible  to produce any foods organically.

      Goverment subsidies are the primary reason for the low prices of chemicals food.

With out goverment subsidies chemical foods would not less expensive but rather much expensive .organics foods have no hidden cost.

      Organic farming increase and protects the planet  natural biodiversity.

If you are animal loverof any is for you.  a recent reports by the international union for concservation of nature that" LIFE ON EARTH IS UNDER SERIOUS THREAT" the report found  that one third  of amphibians  at least one in eight  bird and a quarter of mammalsare on the  verge of extinction.Half of plant groups are threatened.the toxic effect of chemicals have reduces all the species abilities to survive and reproduce.

     Its not too late to change and get happier and healthier.

People who eat organic food reduce their pesticide intake by as much as 90% according to a study from the university of washington. has found that certain strain of soil borne bacteria not only stimulates  the human immune system.but also boost serotonin level in mice. low level of serotonin are tied to depression and drugs that inhibit its reuptake in the brain are used as anti depressant.if we all farmed and gardened organic way.we may not  need all antidepressanrt drugs that end up with our water supply

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day In Awafi Farm Ras Alkhaimah United Arab Emirates

 Im back from having trouble with my internet connection..i feel alive and inspired again to write down anything that comes up on my mind..i would start from my last week end events,my boss and his family was invited to have a lil party on RAK where his parent reside,as  usual they brought me there,the venue is in Awafi Farm his parents owned,actually its not totally farm for me though,no trees ,or plants either,and few animals. u can only saw wide open sandy space as what u see in the picture.but still it was a great view.from morning till dawn all i did is sitting while watching people that having fun with their    small racing Cars,it was good experienced mingled

A Wide Sandy Space
with arabs family,their culture is quiet different from my cultures but there is one thing in common the close family ties.they are just same with filipinos family when it comes to family bonding,they all gather together if there is special occassion.if one member is not around they make sure that the party wont start. they have to wait for those being late.. the food was great its all home made arabic foods but its taste like from well known arabic restaurant,salata or called vegetables salad,all fresh and crispy is one of my favorite it was yummy,its simple though,and i want to make it also one of this day.The Rice with meat,they called it BIREYANI.its awesome full of arabic and indian spice ,foods and drinks and lots more are flowing.i enjoyed eating and im almost forgot my Diet.ok back to the farm,i saw  goat ,chickens laying back home is soo different,greeny and more plants and trees.the farm is on the higher level u can see a lil bit far the DRAG RACING FIELd,where lots of Arabs men enjoyed during Week ends.i really enjoyed the whole week end with my coss family..they are soo nice. im just enjoying my time left here in Dubai,4 months more and i will go home for good.i will miss this place and the people as well that has been a part of my life for 2 sad but i have to do whats best for me.i will miss everything here In UAE and all the good times..
the Goat Eating left over instead of grasses

Rooster and hens "looks lot of eggs on the nest"
The sky Is Blue Captured By my phone

View From the Top "The Drag Racing Field"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Healthy Dose Of Heartbreak

The Science of  Heartbreak,You can blame it on your ex,but whats  really making you hurt and your body ache is coming from within you.

Since the two of you split up.your head has felt like a helium balloon about to burst,a family of squirrel seems to have moved into your stomach,your hearts feels as it its clamped in a vise,and though your emptied bottle. of the natural sleep aid melatonin,you havent caught a wink in a week ,no question about it,losing of your one and only is a bitch.but stop clutching your chest.the real pain is coming inside your head.if you think you hate being dumped,your brain hates even more.the region of it that lights up when your physical agony also goes haywire when you suffer social rejection.Says Naomie Eisenberger Ph.D she says  that your head  is signaling  to your body  that being dumped actually hurts. your new singledom isnt helping any either.when your'e inlove certain areas in your gray matter are happily awash in Dapominine and Oxytocin,hormones that giving you pleasure and contentment. but when your guys suddenly take off your supply of those feel good natural chemicals start to tumble.leaving you more vulnerable to a whole herd uncompromising stress hormones,

During any upsetting experiemce your brain pumps out cortisol ,epinepherine and other stress hormones,which in limited quantity,help you react quickly to dangerous situation. (like when car is cutting off on the highway)however long term trauma such as heratbreak ,accumulating amounts can turn abundance of cortisol tells your brain to send too much blood to your muscle causing them to t ense up.ostensibly for swift action,but your not leaping anywhere and as a result your plaqued with swollen muscle that can lead to headache ,stiifneck.and awful squeezing sensation in your chest.cortisol also divert bloods aways from your digestive track.leaving you with some GI Unpleasantness,and to add insult to your injury,an overkill stress hormonescan impede your immune system,making you mopre to roque bacteria nad viruses_hence the all too common post relationship cold.

The particular kind of walloping you suffer also has something to do with how your body reacts to stress,Says Dr.Laura Miller M.D director of womens health Boston hospital.if you have a sensitive stomach you could be prone to break up cramps,appetite loss,or diarrhea.if you have ashma,you might reach your inhaler moreoften.
gobs or stress hormones can send your bronchial tubes into overdrive.and if you happen to have addictive personality,you may feel  as shakey as heroin junkiein rehab.becaues the area of your brain thats processing craving and addictions is also activated by break ups.

The good news you may feel emotional trampled for can atleast  ease the body pain,and we dont mean it late night clubbing,nacho binges and other indulgences,which can lead to more physical woes.such as rapid heartbeat and extreme fatigue.instead take over the counter med for pounding head and squessy stomachh or better yet teach yourself some relaxation techniques(like deep breathing)to calm your nervous system.and curb those wild stress hormonesby pulling yourself off the couch for some aerobics exercise.working out prompt your brain to realease uplifting endorphins,better yet take a trsah talking friend with you.camaredie can incite a much needed pop of your missing oxyticin.

"One thing you shouldnt do is lock yourself in the room"self imposed exile will only makes thing worse" better getting back into some of your favorite past time and activities,because doing anything enjoyable can elprev your brains dapomine system.if u cant disaasociate your old passion from the moments  spent with your ex.take it as an opportunity  to try something completely new ,like that drawing class and bicycling you been coveting(considering how hed look in spandex) what ever cheers the mind may help cure the body.

Lyn2011's blog amateur digital photography: AMAZING PHOTOS FOR INSPIRATION

Lyn2011's blog amateur digital photography: AMAZING PHOTOS FOR INSPIRATION

Have a Blessed Sunday To Everyone.

 My only way of worship is listening to a worship song every sunday and a  thank you prayer for the blessing and trial as well for the week.God works in my life in most of the way,im just being human sometimes that im pushing what i want and not he wanted for me, thats why im always end up in failure and this point of my life i want to live my life according to his will.His gifts which is called life is precious we once live here on earth,what we do here is just a preparation for an eternal life..gods promises never fail.

PSALM 18:29:30

This is a great message from god that if we believe in him all things is great is the lord he gave us all we need and needing .all we have to do is ask through prayer and work for it to achieve,everything he will added unto us.i do believe that material position in life is not all we wanted,wealth cant buy happiness maybe for the time being your happy of your new car but after the excitement and everything, u will see with in yourself .that your not totally happy.that is called" UNSATISFACTION"But if you have faith even just a lil blessing that added to you,u will be happy for it deeply inside because you are satisfied with what you have and a lil blessing that you will recieve is just a BUNOS.
This is only my point of view and beliefts in a  way of  faith. and i hope nobody will criticize my post,i just really wanted to share to everyone what i feel and what i believe,ive been lost for my whole being busy with the earthly acts.i was sorrounded by temptation and vices and i am weak ,its drowning me into a conflict situation.but still when i was on my wrong way he never leave me,he still  guiding me in his own way.back way 2008 i wanted things to happened,but he never let me,instead he sent me here ,where a freedom is not behind the invisible bars..everything is under control.This is why im here the gods plan revealed that i have to define my life ,he gave me lots of time to think a hundred times ,what i really  want in my life..with you and only you my lord my life will be great..


Psalm 1;1-3  He Prosper you
Psalm 16;18-9 He Keep You Safe
Psalm16;11 He Directs You and Give You Pleasure
Psalm 18;19 He Delivers You
Psalm 18:20 He Rewards You
Psalm 18;25 He Shows you Mercy
 Psalm 27:14 He Strengthen You
Psalm32:1 He Blesses You

Lots more Promises Of our LOrd  just have faith..Have a Blessed  Sunday to Everyone..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facets Of Dubai

Heritage and Culture

Dubai's Culture is firmly rooted in the islamic traditions of arabia,Courtesy and hospitality are among the highly prized Virtues.Dubai's society is marked by a high degree of tolerance and ever respect should be shown by not wearing clothes showing soo much skin.Modern dubai reamins close to its heritage tracing its origin to 1830,when a small fishing village on shindagha peninsula was habitated by a branch of Boniyas tribe.

Sightseeing ,Tours and Safaris

Except for a brief period during summer,Dubai temperature and humidity are comfortable,the city Outskirt offer of wealth of interets for sightseers and photographers.An ideal satrting point is A dubai Picturesque Creek,a natural inlet from gulf which bisect the city into Deira and bur Dubai.From the creek,traditional wooden dhows set out for the port of India.the gulf and east Africa just as they have for generations.on its bank,the bustle of loading and unloading makes fascinating sight.

Dining and Nightlife

Dubai's many fine hotel restaurants offer microcosm of the worlds cuisine.the choice is limitless,Gulf and middle eastern,Indian,Filipino,Thai.Chinese,Japanese,French,Italian,Mexican and much more.


0ne of Dubai's greatest attraction for visitors is its sperb shopping.being an open port with a low import duties and taxation.the city offers of the bargainhunter unbeatable value.most major brand name products are readily available ,and are often less expensive in Dubai than their origin Country.


Dubai's is exceptionally well endowed with the top class hotel accommodation.all dubais hotel designed to cater to the needs of holiday makers and business visitors equally.high standard are expected,and maintained.Recreationaland leisure facilities are top class.likewise business,communication,and conference facilities are on par with the best in the world..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jebel Ali International Resort Middle East

The Award winning beach resort destination ,Jebi Ali golf resort and spa,featured two striking beach hotel  and beautiful palm tree court and spa.and the original  Jebil Ali Hotel,was refurbished 2009 along  with the brand new conference,located in just  15 minutes from dubai Marina.this fabolous  resort feature an  800 metre palm lined private beach,lush garden bar and three controlled temperature swimming pool plus 15  bar and restaurants Jebil Ali  is a  place  were incredible range of facilities and services are offered synergy. a champion standard hole golf course and academy. luxury 10 treatment room spa with associated wet spa facilities,horse riding stables.marina,seaplane flight and diving center are just  few special facilities on offer.

The rooms superioir and suites rooms all of which have been  tastefully  decorated and furnished with light  warm colours..

The spacious bathroom with separated walk in shower with complete shower amenities.


A Great View From The Terrace

Launching Of  My Boss New Boat at Private Marina Jebil Ali

The Mediterrenean Suites