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Outsmart your Diet.

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 The research show 35 percent of women who admit they've kept pair of jeans that used to fit,in the hopes they'll slimdown enough to wear them again.with so many drawbacks,you might wonder if you'd be better off just accepting
your belly rolls.but the perils of being  overweight still outweight the risk of yoyoing .so how you quit the cycle for good?

Be Realistic
"Make sure your diet is one you can stick with "says Dr fletcher,author of  thin for life . no crash diets or fads that will be impossible to fact,reconsider the whole notion of dieting as a temporary fix.think of what youre doing as a permanent lifestyle shift."this is how i eat now"

Be Patient
Dont try to loose too much soon.a healthy goal for slimming down,according to national institute of healthis to reduce your weight by approximately 10 percent over six months

Be Supportive
Researcher have found that socializing with others who have successfully lost weight improves your odds of maintaining your own weight enlist buddy or join a group.

Be Analytical
Record mood changes hunger  levels ,so you can learn distinguish when your eating for emotional reason

Be Vigilant
"If you lose 30 pounds then gain is three.its easy to think that has no big deal,but it is slippery slope"foster says.especially if  you have yo yoing .weigh yourself weekly ,and have a clear plan of action ready if the scales swing too far.

Be Flexible
"switch  eating plans if you get bored"says Michael Dansinger.M.D weigh loss and nutrition and advisor for the biggest loser and assistant professor at Tuffs School of medicine in boston.research indicates  youre  more likely to be succesful.

Be Active
Besides consuming low calorie low fat diet and being mindful about self monitoring .you must exercise.this is the key  strategy that keeps  the 6,000 members of the national weight control registry.(an ongoing study of adults  who have lost atleast  30 pounds  and kept it off for a year)that doesnt mean  you have to train marathon .half an hour  of walking everyday  is all you need to burn calories ,build muscle .temper,craving and increase "feel good " endorphin level.

Be Optimistic
"one of the most important tips for being a succesful weight loser is not tolet the past failed attempts keep you to try again.Dansinger says"everytime you fail you get more insight about what to do  differently next time.

Three Time in Life  When Your Weight is Prime To Spike

In College
Nearly in quarter of college freshmen gain 5 percent  of their body weight during  their first semester and with the late night snack and all day cafeterias,that gain is likely to continue.

What to do:
Ditch  the cafeteria tray;suggest alpers Psy.D author of" 50 ways to soothe yourself with out food"carrying the items individually  will make you more likely  to think about your food choices.

In Love
Research repeatedly shows that living with  or marrying  a man can add to your  waistline."women often adjust their habit eating habits to match those men" alpers says.

What to do:
Remember that the needs(and burns) alot of calories  than you do,so dont match him bite for bite in every meal,also makes dates to do something besides  eat dinner,and agree to go to gym as a couple as often as you both can.

In Your 30'S
Most women  naturally start to lose muscle mass  around this age so their meatbolism  slows.then,even if theyre  eating the same amount  they always have.they dont burn off as much as the scale to creep up.

What to do:
pump up some iron you may not able to stop losing muscle  mass,but  you can slow down the rate  of loss.fitting in 2 or 3 minutes  strenght training session a weel will help your metabolism fired up.


Kriti said...

Sounds good Cherry - I am on an agenda now : ) thanks for the wonderful post

sulekkha said...

Hope it helps Cherry, am trying to become thin :) thanks

Tse said...

I disegree in the saying that women living with men gain weight as they try to match the eating habits of men they live with. That extra food burn in bedroom exrcecises as proven by love making experts.
Depending, those huge sausages around the waist may be fun to look and touch. So do not worry much about them. Some of us men like them, as well as stretch marks.

chejom2010 said...

@kriti thanks sweety..

chejom2010 said...

@sulekka thank you..when we get older its hard for us to get back on our younger shaped.speaking og getting turning 30 so i need to plan ahead to lessen my muscle loss.going to gym will do ,i guess..

chejom2010 said...

@tse ,i can tell u like huggable wife..its cute though just a lil chubby but not too fat..well experts said ( )the best exercise because all the muscle and senses are functioning..

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