Saturday, February 19, 2011

National Campaign for Families Domestic Safety

National campaign  for families domestic safety aims to join the effort of the different govermental  and community organization that concerned about family protection work together to spread behavioral  safety  and preventive culture among family members to ensure safety measures are properly in their houses.

Things To Be Consider:

*Ensure to use approved  and high quality electrical devices,equipments and networking.
*Kitchen ,children rooms,restroom hall ways  and store room should be equipped through out with smoke heat   and voice alarm detectors.
*Stairways  should be fitted with grills
*Kitchen should be fitted with gas leakage detector
*Ensure bathrooms are fitted with handles and anti slippery ,so old people can use them.
*Home/villa should have external escape ladder
*Free and unblocked emergency exits
*Kitchen should be provided with minimum 1/2 hours smoke and heat resistant doors
*Ensure windows are kept with out rails as they could be used as exit during fire exit.
*Never leave electrical wires  uninsulated ,or run them under the carpet,ensure wires and cables are periodical maintained
*Keep minimum 1 meter between any fire or heat source and the inflammable  items.
*Home/villa should have more than one emergency exit.

Hazard Areas in Home/Villas/Apartment

     Exhaust Fan
     Gas Cylinder
    Exhaust Fan
 *Living Room
    Electrical Distributors

Safety  Tips for Household

   *Never smoke in bedroom or in children area 25 % of fire accidents is caused by smoking.
   * Never make barbeque or use coal heaters in confined places.
   *Train some family member to awake  and evacuate children and old people and people with special
      needs during fire emergency.
   *Train family member children in particular on how  to safely evacuate the home of fire occurs
   * make sure to know all information  related to different types of home and fires and how to douse  each
   * Make fire  action plan to teach the family members  and house maid what to do during fire accidents

How to handle  gas cylinder 

   *Ensure correct connecting hose with suitable  lenght is used.
   * Keep gas cylinder in well ventilated closed cabinet away from direct sunrays or inflammable materials.
   * Do not throw or roll the gas cylinder
   *Do not store  gas cylinder inside the cabinet.
     Incase  of Gas Leakages
   *Immediate Evacuate the persons
   *Make sure to turn cooker burners off after every use and to close the gas supply source while going to
      sleep or leaving the place.
   *Never use matches to check the leakages instead,use soap foam,if bubbles appear that means yes.
   *Ensure to tightly close the gas valve
   *Never attempt  to open/close the power exhausted fan to avoid explosion
   *close nearby ignition source
   *Allocate the source of leakage and call technician to rectify
   * open the doors/windows for ventilation.

Electical Hazard
    *Disconnect laptop  socket when you finish,do not put in flammable material as it can get heated.
    *All internal and external electrical wires must be insulated
    *Electrical devices must be rectify promptly.
    *Switch off electrical sockets which children could reach
    *unplug electrical wires from sockets if not use.

How  to Use Fire Extinguisher
    *Carry the extinguisher
    *Aim at the base of the fire
    *Squeeze the handle.

When The Pan Catches Fire.
    *if the fires  rises around  the pan.use the dry towel of fire extinguisher to put it out.
    *Leave the pan covered unti lits get cold to prevent oxygen from entering and increase the fire,
    *Never Use water to extinguish fat pan fire as well as the worsen the fire due to fast scaterring .
    *Do not catch the burning burning pan and rush to faucets to extinguish.


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