Saturday, November 27, 2010

someday its gonna make sense/TFALO ADMINZ AND FANATICS

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold and Misty Morning..

I woke up early feelin cold...i usually slept with out any comforter or blanket..around 5 am in the morning..i feel soo cold and got up to comfort myself...a cup of tea made me feel better..hmmnnn thinking of what my day today would be..pretty much too much task waiting ahead..sometimes i felt like im giving up,mental and physically stressed, but i got 5 months left and my contract will be done.. i cant soo tired of working almost 12 hours a day. but its not worth enough for a very low wage..i dnt have any regrets being here working my ass off..because this is the gods plan..if i am not here..maybe im somewhere else hanging around with out direction...its a total life changing, from being irresponsible and happy go lucky girl turns to a totally grown up woman..yes i am totally grown fucos is my family and my future ... i want to have a simple from any stress and living a life simply wonderful..i know i could make,gods is guiding me and my plans is on his realtrionship as well ..

I cant wait going home taking care of other beautifying my house.gardening and landscaping and what the good thing is i can rest when ever i want...i cant wait thank you lord for everything..i love you...

While sipping my tea im thinking of my mahal(jomir)communication is very tough this time ,we need to sacrifice on budget making i wish their internet will work,hes goin home soon  for a few weeks he will home and i cant wait to spend time agin talking to him online..he is wonderful person and i couldnt ask for more..hes a god gifts to me.i will treasure and love him faithfully ..i have had too much blessing ..god is soo good to i realized that i was soo impatient i want thing get done easily not waiting for gods plan..soo i end up bitter and blaming others..but for more crazy cherry ...i love me of being me..thank you lord..

Monday, November 22, 2010


Happy for no reason is one of my favorite book.Marci Shimoff gather all the biography of all the people who live their life happy for no this book i learn alot i learned a lot..

Peaks and Valley  its teaches me how to overcome upd and downs of is hard to get into the peak and is like a peaks when everything seemsgood..and valleys when life is  valleys when is evvrything turns out failed or this book u can take some advive..who moved my cheese in the same author i love it..i represent myself ..coz he never give up until he saw a huges stock of cheese

This book teaches me how to use the power of law of attraction..hmmnn im not done yet still reading and i love of attract.."THINK,BELIEVE AN D RECIEVE"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank You My Lord

Sunday is time for god..although i cant go to church,all i did is just listening to worship song..while listening to all the songs..its flashing back all the good things that god gave and made..i never been this happy for my whole life..this is my second  chance to live my life according to his will..he made me whole again ,he lighten up my way and guiding  me and i will never be lost again..few years ago..i am soo damn..i thought i can make my own with out his guidance,yes i do believe,i go to church every sunday but for purpose ...praying and worshipping him to have a favor back..that not the real essence of prayer,,prayer is for glorifying him,ask guidance and blessing ,u cannot demond of what u want,because u will end up failed because god has a purpose to every one of us..he knows what we want ,he knows our needs,we dont need to ask it he give it to us,just we human are impatient thats why most of us failed and we blaming god why is this is happened to us.why god is not with us and he let things happened..thats just because we are rushing and not waiting for his plan..god never let us down all we need to do is communicate with him through prayers..

Im soo excited of god plans for me..i know that my life in his hands through him with him everything fall in the right time.and i dnt have to worry ..all i need to ,pray,work,and keep the love flame in my heart..simple and easy way to make my life wonderful...thank you lord for all the blessing i love you...please oh lord guide and protect my family and my mahal ko..i love you lord...

What the Lord has done in me

My life is in your hands-Kathy Troccoli

Friday, November 19, 2010

Its Me!


oh goshhhh  look at my nose "Its Swelling"

I took this pic yesterday...weeee look at my nose ..its swelling that means im getting fat..what i can do ,i love to eat..i love to sleep.thats make my nose swell..some says i do still look good..oh yeah sure..i do ??how i wish i have perfect nose ..thats is just a wish..but nots impossible if i have a lots of money..all i have to do is be contented an love what i have.

Back to Stressful Day...

Waking up this morning sounds not fun at all...back to the real world..working everyday..i rested for 3 days doing nothing just facebook and blogging and lil chatting with my neighbor..and now working again,i woke at 6 its been a long slept last night..i ate my breakfast ,tea and i included my left over rice from yesterday..talking of yesterday,we had much fun cooking filipino foods at ate rihanna house.we cooked ,kare kare (beef with peanut sauce and mix veggies)lumpia(vegetables springrolls) and fried fish (tilapia) it was soo great,tasted good..being here in arabs  country we dont usually eat pilipino foods unless we go dine at filipino restaurant..usually arabic foods,like biryani chicken(rice with chicken and all arab spice)bee biryani..and always mac donalds ,hardees,papa john ,during week ends we usually dined at chillis,kosebasi ,hatam,and other well known restaurant.and my favorite coffee shop,# 1 starbuck! i love my latte..shakespeare..and the last one paul ,paul has lots of variety of foods to choose not just only coffee and pasteries.oh well enough for that..

While blogging this ,im waiting for my boss to arrive from abu dhabi together with the whole family..dont have any instruction so i cant do anything..for now just blogging and browsing till he i wish i dont have to work,i wish i can have more time resting..but sorry to say..i need to coz lots of bills waiting for me backhome..i will be broke then after..if i wont work,i dont have money,when i dont have money i can buy any..hahahaha very simple,work to have money in order to buy what u need..but sometimes our body need rest as well ,and our mind as well ..when ur body is relax your mind is relax as well..ive been relaxing for few days and now im ready to afce the challenges of everyday life  god is with me and thats for sure so i know i can make it...oh yeah  almost forgot 5 months to go,im going home,,i cant wait to start all over again..building my own dream when im home ..cant wait  ......

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thank you lord for the wonderful morning added to my life..thank you also for the protection and guidance for me and to my family and and my love one..lord you are sooo great...thank you for this second chance and thank you for sending me here..i know my lord u have a purpose why i am here..u want me to realized that life is has  soo much to offer,all i need is to ask from you ,work for it ,and live a life sinple and contented..thank you my lord your are the best ..i love you...

Today is just normal day..whew! its gettin cold ...its good things though,being in the middle east country,we are all know that its a hot country but still they have a winter time fall from early Nov to February.".no more sweat" i love it...

I feel like blah blah blah today i will write everything whats on my mind...oh yeah my mahal just called ,its made my heart beat faster ,thank you for the love mahal ko ,thank you for always telling me how much you love..and how thankful you are to be with me..i really appreciated it much and im soo happy that we are getting deeper inlove..i know god is guiding us and he will bless us always..

Going back to the real world..tsk! tsk! to sad to hear one of my friend was in jail for many weeks now..but i dont feel sorry for her ,that is her fault,shes a married woman , here in arab country is very strict when it comes to their housemaid..ate temang is working as a housemaid,,i called her ate temang (means crazy) because shes acts like she is really... she got caugh in the act having sex with pakistani ,and the man as well  is in jail as what ive heard from her employer she will be jailed for 4 months and after 4 months she be send back home..what im thinking is ,whats the future now of her children thats expecting her to send money and support them financially..the more worst is mother is  the light of the family whom will light in the family member when they are lost..but what now...she shut it off. no more light..what will be the future of the family ..thinking of family matters i valued it much ..because family is very important to me..its not like im expecting that my children someday will takecare of me when im old and grey..its the thing that are here in the world with a purpose,and my purpose is..having a happy family someday and i will give my whole life norturing and lightning them and give them a good life..thats simple i know i can make it because god is always guiding me..

Oh i write to much ,i am carried away of family matters ..its about 9 am here ,,and i dont have breakfas yet..i guess it time for me to grab some cup of tea..until next time..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Expensive phone calls....

How is wish i can make more calls to africa for a lesser cost.i wanted to write something about it,DU is one of the best telecom company in UAE.its cheaper than ETISALAT but it more beneficial for the user like me who wants to save internationla calls.DU also have a free facebook access u can connect anytime with family and friend on facebook for free..hmmnnn its a great things to be thankful of .coz since i got my free fb access anytime,anywhere i have facebook on the go...
Fast few weeks i spent alots buying more minutes on my phone how i wish i can make a call for free,but that sound impossible..i guess calling to philiipines is much cheaper than calling to africa.. the more worst thing is u cant make an sms to the africa recipient..i dnt know why it wont work..Sending Sms back home is cost 60 fiels thats not that time to call is friday  its cheaper than regular days..and theres an option also recharging ..for international call *138*plus the  number # for 20 AED u can get a free credit of 6 AED.other option *136* u can get 23 for 20AED.and the regular option *135* u can same amount but no expiration..

So far i spent 100 AEd Something, its like always in a rushed talking on the phone coz it will rans fast..but i dnt hjave a choice i need to keep intouch with my mahal,he did the same too..him calling me is more expensive but thats a part of long distance relationship u have to add extra effort to makes all things work out..COMMUNICATION is a must in any relationship..

My Niece and Nephew

Today is nothin much. things is just normal and smooth sailing.. im chillin while browsing  on my pictures again. and here i go i found my niece and nephews picture.i miss my them so much..i got 2 nieces and three ate gwen is the eldest  niece ,sorry to say i dnt have available pics right now.and lj my eldest nephew and the three more ar my lil angel...i dnt meet them all yet ,but im soo excited to go home and baby sit them..i love them soo much..everytime i heard that one of them is sick or something,its hurt me soo much,i dnt want any of them are sick mi want them all happy and healthy..i love my family soo much although i didnt stay too much in our home thats why i dont have much bonding time with them,i want to cook soup and anything they like and then eat together,i wnat to be kids again ,oh well i may look baby but i cant think like a baby..somesays IMMATURED , im just kidding ,im matured person.i think and act  according to my age..Whew! talking of my age ,im not gettin any younger,i want to have kids as well ,to play with my nieces and nephew.if gods will next year will be a prefect year for me to settle eveything..goin home soon maybe this time if gods will i will stay there fo good..i want to spend time with my familymi knew they miss me too as the way i do..5 more months and i will be done...i hope everything will be ,,lord please guide me always take good care of my family and love one...i love you lord...

To all my nieces and nephew tita will coem home soon ,i know u cant wait to have your pasalubong (present or gift)hmmnnnn i will get broke after.oh well thats fine it worth to see you all happy ..have a lil patient kiddos u can see your tita and BONDING time.... Cant wait as you all and miss u all...god bless us..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have Blessed Sunday Everyone...

Thank you lord for giving me an inspiration,for giving me wisdom,for giving me time to worship in my own way..Sunday is the time for me to worship even i cant go to church,i do love you and and i want to follow you in everydays of my life..lord i was lost but u give me light to shine on me,u made me whole again..u wash away all my hatred and all my sin..lord i may not a perfect person but by your grace i will be ok not as perfect but living my life free from sin ..protect me o lord from any danger and evil..bless all my family and love one..and my raltionship oh lord,gude us oh lord in order to grow everyday by your grace... i love you soo much and thank you for a gift called life i will take care of it..thank you my lord ..

Love So Pure

Monday, November 1, 2010








Im sooo happy that finally my two bestfriend are settled now,i will tell a story about how our friendship started,Jocelyn Dordas Bateriza childhood friend,we grew up in the same barrio and went to school until 2nd year high..soo funny coz we always spent time together,during classes and after class and even week end..were 3 ,me,janette and jocelyn,were very close as like sister..i remembered those days,we are banned in jocelyn house because her mother thought we are bad influenced to her daughter,which is slightly true..hehehehe,jocelyn family back home is one of popular in the barrio because they owned a store and they are belong to business minded family..after a 2nd high we separates ways because she transfered in the city to continue her highschool,after high school we saw each other again and we lived together in one roof for a year or soo..were both busy  working and evrything.until she decided to assigned in far place,after that ive lost contact with her..after  soo many years havent heard from her,one day i got a message on friendster from her...and thats the time we connected again,calls, emails  until now were updated to each other..and now finally she got married with ferdinand bateriza last month ago,they are living in nice france,and im wishing and pray that they will live happily and abundant in everything..(Ilove you  best yhan)

Rowena silos Marquez sanchez,my other bestfriend..ived known here since 2004 to make the story short,shes the one who  understand me of who i am...she knows me inside out, when i was in manila a couple of year,jobless at that time,she adopted me,provide everything that i need,supported me in everyway,when i cried shes there trying to comfort me..and finally the BIG DAY has arrived,they flew in US lastmonth and after a few weeks she got married to Mr Denver Sanchez,they been together for almost 5 years and have 1 son but because Denver working in the US its hard for them,so they decided to flew and will live there for good,the family is whole again and i can tell how thankful they are because finally evrything works happy for them they are really good person they are my family too and i love them.(.best wishes and god bless best..I love you..)

Thats all for now,i love to share this wonderful story of my two bestfriend...they are happily married and and im very happy for both of them..i love them and treasured them for the rest of my life..and now lots of people   questioning me  "WHEN YOUR  BIG DAY?" Next? or Never? only god knows...