Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold and Misty Morning..

I woke up early feelin cold...i usually slept with out any comforter or blanket..around 5 am in the morning..i feel soo cold and got up to comfort myself...a cup of tea made me feel better..hmmnnn thinking of what my day today would be..pretty much too much task waiting ahead..sometimes i felt like im giving up,mental and physically stressed, but i got 5 months left and my contract will be done.. i cant soo tired of working almost 12 hours a day. but its not worth enough for a very low wage..i dnt have any regrets being here working my ass off..because this is the gods plan..if i am not here..maybe im somewhere else hanging around with out direction...its a total life changing, from being irresponsible and happy go lucky girl turns to a totally grown up woman..yes i am totally grown fucos is my family and my future ... i want to have a simple from any stress and living a life simply wonderful..i know i could make,gods is guiding me and my plans is on his realtrionship as well ..

I cant wait going home taking care of other beautifying my house.gardening and landscaping and what the good thing is i can rest when ever i want...i cant wait thank you lord for everything..i love you...

While sipping my tea im thinking of my mahal(jomir)communication is very tough this time ,we need to sacrifice on budget making i wish their internet will work,hes goin home soon  for a few weeks he will home and i cant wait to spend time agin talking to him online..he is wonderful person and i couldnt ask for more..hes a god gifts to me.i will treasure and love him faithfully ..i have had too much blessing ..god is soo good to i realized that i was soo impatient i want thing get done easily not waiting for gods plan..soo i end up bitter and blaming others..but for more crazy cherry ...i love me of being me..thank you lord..


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