Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gettin old...

Sweet and Innocent Way Back 2004

When i was 26 Years Old

I love The Way I Look

How i Wish Things Dont Change..

Those pictures are taken when i was younger,how i wish i could get back time..but i cant help it..wether i like it or not..i cant deny the fact that im gettin old..thinking bout ,i have to do something in order for me keep my skin healthy and glow regardless of my age...i want to share something..

Essential Nutrients for Ageless Beauty.

*Essential  fatty acids foun in oily fish  helps to nourish  your skin and add luster softness to your skin complexion so eat seafoods atleast three times each week.ground flax seeds  are excellent source of omega 3 which promote good  skin health.

*Vit A is essential for beautiful skin a lack of vitamins can result rough,dry skin.include plenty of dark orange(carrots,orange,papaya,mango)and dark green(broccoli,spinach)vegetables all of which are high in vitamin A

*Vitamin C helps gights wrinkles and aids collagen formation,its also plays a role in the healing process..citrus fruits,strawberries,black currants,guavas,kiwi.peppers are all good source of Vit C.

*Include nuts and seeds rich in Vit E such as hazel nuts,walnuts,almonds,pumpkin and sunflower as snack to prevent sagging facial muscles agespot and provide skin lubrication.

*Vitamin B from whole grains ,pulses.lean meat aids new skin cells formation and get rid of that washed out look.

*Zinc found in shellfish,pulses,pumpkin seeds and whole grain cereals helps your skin to heal quickly and prevent skin infection.

*Oil,Including flxseed oil,olive oil and sesame oil can serve also internal moisturizer for smooth,wrinkle free skin.

*Water  is essential for skin hydration to keep it moist ,supple and clear and helps the body to get rid of toxins .drin atleast 8 glasses of water daily ,interperse these with fruit juices,including citrus,apple,and pine apple.also vegetables juices,especially carrots,tomato and celery..

Its good to know all of these...i should do some action before wrinkles take over my skin....

It Was Fruit full Nights..

Seedless Grapes From Egypt
Varities of   Fruits from Different Countries
Hhhhhmmmnnnnnn...Had the Last  Bite of Apricot

I was browsing through my pictures saved on my computer,this pics catched my attention so i ended writing lil bit about was an engagement party of  Abod Essa my boss wife cousin,had fun all night together with all( kabayan) means filipino friends.The food was great,all arabics food,bireyani (chicken with rice) laham bireyani(beef with rice)aside from allfun and foods,it was a great experienced to witness how arabian people got engaged..We all know that the muslim man when got married they have to give a DOURY to the family of the woman..the Doury depends on the Family of the woman,if the woman have had higher education the more the highest doury.Enough for their culture because i might write something that might can offen them.

Back to me now,i love hanging out with all the kababayan out feels like im home,because where ever i go, i can saw and met pilipino,it feels good when u can able to talk and mingled with them..good things and bad things happened here in dubai..but i can tell im still lucky.

Friday, October 29, 2010

8 step how to know persons lying. - "No More Crazy Cherry"'s Myspace Blog |

8 step how to know persons lying. - "No More Crazy Cherry"'s Myspace Blog

if the man wants you.. - "No More Crazy Cherry"'s Myspace Blog |

if the man wants you.. - "No More Crazy Cherry"'s Myspace Blog

Ten Tips of Safe and Satisfying Birth

Ten Tips of Safe and Satisfying Birth

Friday, October 22, 2010

Missing home...

For 1 year and 5 months working here in dubai..i never experience homesick...but when got up this morning,i cant help myself but missin everything back home..i miss my family,i miss the place where i used to hang out..i miss manila were i spent my time and worked there for almost 2 year..busy people..traffics ..and miss the food especially Pork Menu..oh my gish its driving me nuts...i really want to go home but soo sad i need to wait till my contract end...7 months to go and im goin home to the place where i belong...

Working  abroad is not quiet easy..not only beacuse of far away home,it has something to do also with the race discrimanation..i admitted when u say" I am  pilipino" they look down at you...they think pilipino is low class race,but they dont know? that we are pilipino are dedicated to our duties and responsibilities..they just dont appreciate it because they thought we are just more on money money..

So sad hearing from News that our Kababayans got tortured, raped,and  jailed even though they are not responsible for the mistake..but still because we are pilipino thats happened..those such act happened most of the time here in Middle east..especially those who  are working  here as domestic helper..very  low benefits,and the worst thing is the working time..working from morning till night almots 27/7.seriously some our kababyans suffered it..but because of the situation back home..families needs financial support they are sacrificing for 2 years..

Enough For that matter, about to cry..mixed emotions and feeling sorry for some our kababayans..i wish our goverment will some action..

I do hope and pray that my family backhome are always safe..i miss them soo much..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Moved My Cheese?