Sunday, October 31, 2010

It Was Fruit full Nights..

Seedless Grapes From Egypt
Varities of   Fruits from Different Countries
Hhhhhmmmnnnnnn...Had the Last  Bite of Apricot

I was browsing through my pictures saved on my computer,this pics catched my attention so i ended writing lil bit about was an engagement party of  Abod Essa my boss wife cousin,had fun all night together with all( kabayan) means filipino friends.The food was great,all arabics food,bireyani (chicken with rice) laham bireyani(beef with rice)aside from allfun and foods,it was a great experienced to witness how arabian people got engaged..We all know that the muslim man when got married they have to give a DOURY to the family of the woman..the Doury depends on the Family of the woman,if the woman have had higher education the more the highest doury.Enough for their culture because i might write something that might can offen them.

Back to me now,i love hanging out with all the kababayan out feels like im home,because where ever i go, i can saw and met pilipino,it feels good when u can able to talk and mingled with them..good things and bad things happened here in dubai..but i can tell im still lucky.


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