Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Expensive phone calls....

How is wish i can make more calls to africa for a lesser cost.i wanted to write something about it,DU is one of the best telecom company in UAE.its cheaper than ETISALAT but it more beneficial for the user like me who wants to save internationla calls.DU also have a free facebook access u can connect anytime with family and friend on facebook for free..hmmnnn its a great things to be thankful of .coz since i got my free fb access anytime,anywhere i have facebook on the go...
Fast few weeks i spent alots buying more minutes on my phone how i wish i can make a call for free,but that sound impossible..i guess calling to philiipines is much cheaper than calling to africa.. the more worst thing is u cant make an sms to the africa recipient..i dnt know why it wont work..Sending Sms back home is cost 60 fiels thats not that time to call is friday  its cheaper than regular days..and theres an option also recharging ..for international call *138*plus the  number # for 20 AED u can get a free credit of 6 AED.other option *136* u can get 23 for 20AED.and the regular option *135* u can same amount but no expiration..

So far i spent 100 AEd Something, its like always in a rushed talking on the phone coz it will rans fast..but i dnt hjave a choice i need to keep intouch with my mahal,he did the same too..him calling me is more expensive but thats a part of long distance relationship u have to add extra effort to makes all things work out..COMMUNICATION is a must in any relationship..


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