Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Niece and Nephew

Today is nothin much. things is just normal and smooth sailing.. im chillin while browsing  on my pictures again. and here i go i found my niece and nephews picture.i miss my them so much..i got 2 nieces and three ate gwen is the eldest  niece ,sorry to say i dnt have available pics right now.and lj my eldest nephew and the three more ar my lil angel...i dnt meet them all yet ,but im soo excited to go home and baby sit them..i love them soo much..everytime i heard that one of them is sick or something,its hurt me soo much,i dnt want any of them are sick mi want them all happy and healthy..i love my family soo much although i didnt stay too much in our home thats why i dont have much bonding time with them,i want to cook soup and anything they like and then eat together,i wnat to be kids again ,oh well i may look baby but i cant think like a baby..somesays IMMATURED , im just kidding ,im matured person.i think and act  according to my age..Whew! talking of my age ,im not gettin any younger,i want to have kids as well ,to play with my nieces and nephew.if gods will next year will be a prefect year for me to settle eveything..goin home soon maybe this time if gods will i will stay there fo good..i want to spend time with my familymi knew they miss me too as the way i do..5 more months and i will be done...i hope everything will be ,,lord please guide me always take good care of my family and love one...i love you lord...

To all my nieces and nephew tita will coem home soon ,i know u cant wait to have your pasalubong (present or gift)hmmnnnn i will get broke after.oh well thats fine it worth to see you all happy ..have a lil patient kiddos u can see your tita and BONDING time.... Cant wait as you all and miss u all...god bless us..


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