Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have Blessed Sunday Everyone...

Thank you lord for giving me an inspiration,for giving me wisdom,for giving me time to worship in my own way..Sunday is the time for me to worship even i cant go to church,i do love you and and i want to follow you in everydays of my life..lord i was lost but u give me light to shine on me,u made me whole again..u wash away all my hatred and all my sin..lord i may not a perfect person but by your grace i will be ok not as perfect but living my life free from sin ..protect me o lord from any danger and evil..bless all my family and love one..and my raltionship oh lord,gude us oh lord in order to grow everyday by your grace... i love you soo much and thank you for a gift called life i will take care of it..thank you my lord ..


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