Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank You My Lord

Sunday is time for god..although i cant go to church,all i did is just listening to worship song..while listening to all the songs..its flashing back all the good things that god gave and made..i never been this happy for my whole life..this is my second  chance to live my life according to his will..he made me whole again ,he lighten up my way and guiding  me and i will never be lost again..few years ago..i am soo damn..i thought i can make my own with out his guidance,yes i do believe,i go to church every sunday but for purpose ...praying and worshipping him to have a favor back..that not the real essence of prayer,,prayer is for glorifying him,ask guidance and blessing ,u cannot demond of what u want,because u will end up failed because god has a purpose to every one of us..he knows what we want ,he knows our needs,we dont need to ask it he give it to us,just we human are impatient thats why most of us failed and we blaming god why is this is happened to us.why god is not with us and he let things happened..thats just because we are rushing and not waiting for his plan..god never let us down all we need to do is communicate with him through prayers..

Im soo excited of god plans for me..i know that my life in his hands through him with him everything fall in the right time.and i dnt have to worry ..all i need to ,pray,work,and keep the love flame in my heart..simple and easy way to make my life wonderful...thank you lord for all the blessing i love you...please oh lord guide and protect my family and my mahal ko..i love you lord...


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