Friday, February 18, 2011

Please Pray For Sally ordinario villanueva to lighten her death sentenced.

Sally Ordinario Villanueva  of  Isabela  province was sentenced to death after being caught with 4 kilos of heroin in Xiamen on December 24,2008
Sally started working  as a domestic helper in macau after the contract end ,she went back to philippines but was again recruited to work as a cellphone  store helper in china.
before the mother of 2 left to china her recruiter told her to bring  the luggage of their boss.sally was  able to send 2 letters to her family during 2 years in jail while her case was being tried in the court. in her last letter sally seemed soo happy  and conveyed  her love and longing for her family.

She was scheduled on monday for her death sentence  her family flew to china to support  and can able to talk and see her for the last.  the phillippine goverment still working on her light sentence.lets pray for sally ordinario  villanueva and the other filipino on the death row  that the goverment of china and phillippines goverment talk will work out.


JP Brandano Photography said...

WE WOULD HOPE SO .. This a sad story hope it ends well

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