Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time Managements

Time Management is the act or process of exercising concious  control over the amount of time spent on specific activities,especially to increase efficient or productivity,the time managements maybe aided by a range of skills,tools and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific task ,projects and goals,this set encompasses a wide scope of activities.and these include planning ,allocating.setting goal.delegation,analysis of time spent monitoring, organizing,and prioritizing,initially ,time  management referred  to a business or work activities.but eventually the term broandened,tools to include personal activities as well.a time managements is necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion and the time scope.TIME MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST

The story behind the title,ive been online since morning,trying to make a little changes in my blog.all i wanted to do, is just change the templates design,i wanted it on my own design,while promoting my site in any means,facebook,myspace,twitter.but what happened is, ive been busy browsing lots of blogsite and almost forgot the real task, which is designing on blog. 2 hours or more up late at night is a big thing coz you know why? lack of sleep got me irritated.irritate in a small stuff.and i found out why i act that way?.its affect with my job and with the people sorrounds me. according to my research

Lacks of sleep affects our personalities and our sense of humor,we may become irritable and less tolerant.

Lack of sleep clearly  affects our thinking ,or cognitive ,processes,a sleep deprived brain is truly running on four rather than eight cylinders.if were trying to be creative,the motor doesnt work as well,we can perform.calculation ,but not as quickly ,were much likely to make errors.its  because the brain engine hasnt been replinished.

Sleep deprivation also affects us physically.Our condition suffers,we lose our ability  to do things with agility sleep improve muscle tone ans skin appearance  with adequate  sleep athletes run better.swim better and lift more.depending on someone sleeps.

Ok back to main topic.TIME Managements that all i need to make everything run smoothly that wont affect my job and my  health as well. i guess i need to organize everything,my working hours,my time on blogging and marketing online.


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