Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Feels like im taking the wrong way
I barely recognize my own reflection
Im scared to trust but scare not to trust.
Ive been Staying  on the safest side
Guarding my heart to the extent,to save me
From pain.

When i think true love will never find me
even i just run away,its still right behind me
all i need to do is open my eyes and see
that  the real is just around me.

Right person will comes on my way,
In the right time and place for me.
I dont need to rush and plan ahead
coz i know everything will be added to me.

Faith and patient will be the key in order
for me to live happily. for the life is great
i will make the best out of it..


Kriti said...

Yes Cherry - till then that's the only hope we have... keep the posts coming. Following you now...

chejom2010 said...

@ kriti thanks for following me..ive been reading all the blogs that i am following included yours..its a great help for me as a new blogger.have a great day ahead.

Debra said...

Keep the faith chejom, and keep you eyes open... Love has found you.
~ blessings


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chejom2010 said...

@Debra thanks for the encouragements.

chejom2010 said...

@ sahl i did registered but i wont allow me.theres an error please help me.

rimly said...

It is so true. There is a time for everything but you must keep your heart open to let love flow in.

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Cherry. Keep an open heart!

sulekkha said...

Faith can move mountains, Cherry. Keep it alive in your heart.

Sentimental Heart (23 years old) said...

awesome cherry.. nice :)

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