Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Du Facebook Free Access Is Really Out?

 Ive been enjoying this Facebook  free access from  DU the only mobile carriers that has a free access on Facebook in The United Arabs Emirates but has limited features such pictures and some media application if you are trying to avail those feautres data charges apply,all you have to do is sign up and complete the process,2 days ago i was soo sad because everytime i logged in into the link that was sent on my mobile this is all i got  Du facebook free access its say that my mobile is not longer supported by the mobile carrier,i didnt stop trying for the whole but i wont get me through.that made me think to use the but when i thought that would cost me alot i never tried to set up my mobile.however i still have another option using Facebook while working is through Facebook mobile web as long as i am connected on the wireless connection i can access still on facebook for no cost,its soo funny though im always wanted for free stuff  who else doesnt  want?
Everyday im trying to do the same thing trying to logged in at thats the time i can make it but when im trying to open like home and inbox its says the same thing not supported by the mobile carrier visit or contact the services provider and indicate your IP address,i never did i still hoping that one day it will be back like it used to.i dnt know why that everytime if i have something on my mind and i see a lil chance to make it happen i just wait a lil time and see what i can do..

Finally i can access now on my facebook mobile free access i just did nothing,because i thought at that time they just want me to registered and ofcourse pay  for the services.what if i did the process that they sent to me what would will be the result,it could be i will lost my link from 1056 and they will replace another code so that everytime i will access on facebook they will charge me big time! and thats no joke because im trying to save money so that when i go back to my country (philippines) i can start just a lil business just to earn a living while jobless.

Now im enjoying a free access from DU, its a great thing facebook 24/7 anytime anywhere as long as theres a Signal from the DU network.for those who are experiencing the same problem just try to do the same thing if u wanted to keep the free access coz once you will registered on the link they will send you it will gone.


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