Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day In Awafi Farm Ras Alkhaimah United Arab Emirates

 Im back from having trouble with my internet connection..i feel alive and inspired again to write down anything that comes up on my mind..i would start from my last week end events,my boss and his family was invited to have a lil party on RAK where his parent reside,as  usual they brought me there,the venue is in Awafi Farm his parents owned,actually its not totally farm for me though,no trees ,or plants either,and few animals. u can only saw wide open sandy space as what u see in the picture.but still it was a great view.from morning till dawn all i did is sitting while watching people that having fun with their    small racing Cars,it was good experienced mingled

A Wide Sandy Space
with arabs family,their culture is quiet different from my cultures but there is one thing in common the close family ties.they are just same with filipinos family when it comes to family bonding,they all gather together if there is special occassion.if one member is not around they make sure that the party wont start. they have to wait for those being late.. the food was great its all home made arabic foods but its taste like from well known arabic restaurant,salata or called vegetables salad,all fresh and crispy is one of my favorite it was yummy,its simple though,and i want to make it also one of this day.The Rice with meat,they called it BIREYANI.its awesome full of arabic and indian spice ,foods and drinks and lots more are flowing.i enjoyed eating and im almost forgot my Diet.ok back to the farm,i saw  goat ,chickens laying back home is soo different,greeny and more plants and trees.the farm is on the higher level u can see a lil bit far the DRAG RACING FIELd,where lots of Arabs men enjoyed during Week ends.i really enjoyed the whole week end with my coss family..they are soo nice. im just enjoying my time left here in Dubai,4 months more and i will go home for good.i will miss this place and the people as well that has been a part of my life for 2 sad but i have to do whats best for me.i will miss everything here In UAE and all the good times..
the Goat Eating left over instead of grasses

Rooster and hens "looks lot of eggs on the nest"
The sky Is Blue Captured By my phone

View From the Top "The Drag Racing Field"


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