Friday, February 11, 2011

Let Save Our Natural Resources.Go Organics..

Organic farming is better for the environment.the evidence is clear.and the research has shown  that its more profitable  and productive over the long why farmers hasnt  switched to organic methods.especially if farming organically can also stop climate the limited soil resources for other uses.and eliminate the  majority of the toxins from our soil and water.first attitude must chnage.and starts  with help you understand the issue and give you the ammunition to talk about them with others.heres the facts should us to know.
     Agricultural chemicals destroys the soil natural ability to store and restore the natural carbon

Mycorrhizal fungi are our greatest alley in the fight for our survival on this planet:the fungi that grow on the roots of the plants and contributes to taking the green house gasses out of the air.they are the hidden heroes beneath us.chemicals these hidden heroes.

     Chemical poison  the air ,water,soil.

The manufacturing ,transportation,and use of chemicals for agricultures are energy intensive and poisonous of all things that come and with contact with them.most chemicals dont biodegrade within a few months,like nuclear waste,some toxic last forever anf many of the impact are known to be horrible.already deed zone in the ocean are starting to spread.wells are contaminated.and we suffered increasingly from infections and disease such as asthma,diabetes,cancers that are connected to these chemical.


    Smaller dose of chemicals can be just as dangerous as large doses.

Most of the goverment regulations on chemicalsare based on estimated safe amount of exposure.doctors and scientist findings.however,that small doses,and cumulatives doses,can just be  as toxic as large doses.there are really no safe limits.

   Chemical are not necessray to grow food.

Synthetic fertilizer ,pesticide,fungicides and genetically modified organism.are a subtitute for thinking and understanding,and effort.they are necessary only to generate large profit of business and for disposing of our toxic industrial wastes.vitually every food in the world has been succesfully grown and made organically in modern,productive,and regenerative ways -from fine wine to white flour,apples,cherries.the most delivcious gourmet beef and olive oil.

   Organic foods are healthier and safer.

Studies have shown  that some organic  foods are higher in ati oxidant and powerful cancers fighting  nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acids.theyre safer because  they are produce with out dangerous chemicals.antibiotics and risky  and cheap practices like feeding deads cows to living cows.or putting contaminated sewage sludge onto farmfileds.Certified organic products are the only foods available that have a goverment backed guarantee that no chemicals.antibiotocs sewage sludge were used in the growing or processing of the food.

    Eating organic is easier  than ever

Choosing to eat organic food does not condemned you to a diet of nuts,berries and you can find organic version of the most popoylar is possible  to produce any foods organically.

      Goverment subsidies are the primary reason for the low prices of chemicals food.

With out goverment subsidies chemical foods would not less expensive but rather much expensive .organics foods have no hidden cost.

      Organic farming increase and protects the planet  natural biodiversity.

If you are animal loverof any is for you.  a recent reports by the international union for concservation of nature that" LIFE ON EARTH IS UNDER SERIOUS THREAT" the report found  that one third  of amphibians  at least one in eight  bird and a quarter of mammalsare on the  verge of extinction.Half of plant groups are threatened.the toxic effect of chemicals have reduces all the species abilities to survive and reproduce.

     Its not too late to change and get happier and healthier.

People who eat organic food reduce their pesticide intake by as much as 90% according to a study from the university of washington. has found that certain strain of soil borne bacteria not only stimulates  the human immune system.but also boost serotonin level in mice. low level of serotonin are tied to depression and drugs that inhibit its reuptake in the brain are used as anti depressant.if we all farmed and gardened organic way.we may not  need all antidepressanrt drugs that end up with our water supply


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