Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get Smarter Everyday

Try This Little Tricks To Grow Your Intelligence.

Read Between The Lines

Pick up a novel or even a book of modern poetry and u will be helping your brain work better.according to the recent study in psychology science,when you are exposed to something that doesnt automatically make sense.your mind tries to find some other kinds of meaning.a responce  thats kicks gray matter into high gear and enhance the  parts that incharge of learning.
   If you prefer whodunnits or historical romances,no need to worry,your minds is getting just as stretched,but in a slight  differents ways,says Dr Keith Oatley,Ph.D former director of cognitive science program at the university of toronto."Fiction in general  is a kind of simulation of our emotional  and social worlds.people who read lots of fictions tend to be more empathetic and social intelligent than those who dont" the bottom line Read something with substance"even when you peruse the news papers ormagazine,youre  taking different ideas.creating a bigger database knowledge in your minds"says Daniel Willingham Ph.D a professor of psychology at the university of california.

Solve a Small Screen Mistery

Flip an episode  of  LOST and CSI to help build your intelligence.Tv showsn thats include elements  such as overlapping plot strands ,several primary characters moral and ambiguity.and no helpful connect the dot narrator actually engage your brain in gathering data ,hypothesizing, and testing process that mirrors the scientifin method according to:Steven Johnson  author of everythin bas is for good,how todays popular  culture is actually make us Samrter..

Conk Out

Getting enough shut eye may help your brain process the day by strengthening  memories in all connection between neurons  resultig the better recall.Reports a new study from michigan state universities. Participating were asked to identify the  a list of  words shown to them.after haing eitherfull night sleep or not sleep at all
those hadnt snozed made the most mistake meaning they were more likely to have incorrect memopries

Tune Up

According  to recent study review from online Faculty  f 1000 biology  and medicine ,practicing a musical instrument connects and develop the motor system of the brain ,refining the entire neurological system in that ways that cant be done through any other activity. if your not about to run out and sign yourself up the flute lessons,you can get similar benefits by playing games such as  easy piano for NINTENDO DS ,which come with an external 13 notes full actice keyboard,or kb piano for your PC  which lets you play  more than  100 differents instruments,from guitar to ocarina"in some ways ,the brain is like a muscle"Says Richards Haier Ph.D a professor of pedriatic neurology of university of california Irvine.Meaning the more it worked  such as by practicing  an instrument  the more effecient it becomes.

Social With Smarties

Instead of  heading straight home to your work PJ and a glass of pinot after work ,go happy hour with your pals to do your brain good"the mental gymnastic sthat come with the social interaction  may provide boost  to our cognitive  functioning"says Oscar  Ybarra Ph.D a professor  of psychology at the university of Michigan. in his research  he found that study participants who were  more social had higher  level of cognitive performace ,meaning they were better  at remembering information taht could later be used  for planning,setting goals,and reasoning.Take your socializing to the next  level by  hanging out with people who are brainer than you.even if it means you have to pick up the tab!


Satwinder Singh said...

Loved this post. Do you write about psychology in general? I am interested.

chejom2010 said...

thanks Sat,not in general,when things interest me,either,people,things or attitude anything as long as i can relate or it has something to do with me..

JP Brandano Photography said...

Real interesting post and for that matter blog. I started following you Maybe all this blog reading & writing will keep the brain young lol


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