Sunday, January 30, 2011

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Eating CHOCOLATE

Some people are semi sweet;
Others are just plain nutty
Dont cry over spilled milk
Unless ofcourse,Its a chocolate milk.

There is a fine between vice and addiction
Good looking Dates are like chocolate;
Good while they last;but they never last 
Long enough!When life presents you a roacky road,
Just eat your way out of it. Money cant buy you love
  But it can buy you chocolate,


Dont poke your nose in other people's 
Chocolate boxes.Mothers inlaw are like
Chocolate syrup:a little goes along way.
Flowers and cards maybe standard  norms
Of courtship,but chocolate  are sure to work wonders

A box of swiss chocolate is worth two boxes of any other.Milk chocolate.
.for all is worth,even people 
Tremendous integrity are subject to yielding before chocolate                                                                                

True love will remain long after the chocolates have gone
Provided theres another box.the best thing in life is not
a fat free.nothing is worth getting sick over.except ofcourse
Chocolate,when everything else fails.CHOC IT! and remmeber
if life is like a box of chocolate,take a big bite out of everyhing.


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