Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bobbi Brown make up manual from beginning to pro.

Just not much for today,been a long day but still i got a mood to do some make up lesson,i love doing hair,nails and make up,infact i went to school for three months and got certified just to enhance my knowledge and expertise, but the trend now adays is alway leveling up so i need also some tips and tricks from the beauty expert,thats the reason why i keep reading on books or sometime looking online,,Bobbi Brown make up manual is a complete guide  fro the beginner to pro.this is the book of all women have been waiting for.BOBBI Brown 25 plus years  of make up artist experience distilled into a complete.lavishly produced volume with over  two hundred full of color photos  and step by step instruction including a ten step guide  to perfect make up that teaches  how to apply  your make up in 10 minutes or less,it shows you how to put make up like a pro.

Here are everything to know about:

Skin Care Basic.cleansing,moisturizing and diet and even the viamins of yur nails,hair need to be their helthier.
Brushes and other  Tool of the Trade.what you should own.and how to use different brushes tools and how to take care of them.
Eye Make up. a complete detailed of how to  of eyeliner ,eye shadow and mascara for every eye and shapes.
Corrector and to expertly cover dark circles
Choosing the Right Shade and Color of Makeup. Tips for every  skin tone and skin type.
Bronzera and Self to get a sun kiss with sun damage.
Special Occassion Make up. bridal make up  and evening make up,including how to achieve a perfect smokey eyes..

and lot more....

Join me and lets have fun,im gonna add make up lesson once a week ..i hope u  guys will like it..goodnight everyoone time to beauty rest..


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