Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Flag And Your Country


by Darryl Ashton

(In honour of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq)
Beyond our horizon to stark eastern
Set deep in the mountains, our story's begun,
A hot, burning desert, a desperate place
Where the devil himself shows his face.
Axis of Evil where beauty is crushed
And flowers of the desert lie still in the dust.
Brothers in arms brush the sand from their gun
With hearts beating loud as a drum.
Your wounds we will bathe, and your scars we will heal,
We'll carry you slowly, your pain we can feel,
We'll call you a hero, you'll reach for the sky,
Right up to the stars - you can fly.
Our soldiers returning, we're counting them all
In numbers, on paper, a valiant roll call.
Loved ones and brothers, and each mother's son,
We're counting you home one by one.
Stand and be counted and march side by side,
The road paved with heroes leads to the front line.
Shoulder to shoulder a shield we will be
Your flag and your country and me.
A shield of defiance that's made of three;
Your flag and your country and me.

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JIM said...

Great poem wonderful thoughts delivered in a fantastic manner.. I tweeted it.

Thank You

doubler702 said...

That is very nice! I am glad that I stopped by to see what you have been doing.

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