Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Poem For Japan

A Poem For Japan
by Darryl Ashton

A devaating earthquake has just struck Japan
But all other countries will offer what help they can.
To see the pictures of the mighty destruction
And many people have perished in the ocean.

A Tsunami has caused widespread loss
All houses and lives, snuffed out by the Boss.
Of all disasters – that came from the sea,
To feel such loss – is what families now see.

Mother nature seems to fight against us
And that is why such disasters are oblivious
To the pain they inflict – and no remorse felt,
I feel for the loss, as the pain feels like hell.

But never give up hope, as Japan will rise,
Out of the rubble – and you will see the eyes
Of all the world, that will help you to rebuild –
Your land will again prosper – your confidence behold.

The Lord is with you and he has the say:
For life will live – cos it is his way
You will again, arise with pride,
As the whole of the world – is at your side.

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Nice poem. Just when you think there's no hope for the world. Wars and hate with terrorism. Something really bad happens, and everyone forgets their differences and comes together to help out their fallen brothers and sisters.

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