Saturday, March 26, 2011


special thanks to my fb friend for this Birth pics..

                    Its My Life

When i was young,i never dream of anything,
Eat and play is my concern,coz i dont care on anything,
Time goes by, lil me start to think,dreaming of things
Just for a change,i want this and i want  that,
But how? if i dont have to spend.
Just wait for a years to have one thing..

I used to cry for all the heartbreak,
My pain was wash away by my tears,
Time healed the wound,and no more stained
Time can tell ,time will heal,broken heart and lost soul
Will find a way again,

A way which everything seem right,
A beautiful sunny day that shining on my way,
Oh life ,hows wonderful,love it and cherish it,
For life never last long enough,like a tear drops,it will dried up,
Like a  pouring rain,it will  stop,after the rainbow reign,

As i walk through the journey of life,
Anew beginning that will lead me to the end,
For now im smoothly sailing ,sailing to the ocean of love
That i found in him,love you ,love me the feeling is the same,
You and me will still remain.

Hoping you and i will never  fade,even storm and thunder strikes
We will never break,Faith and trust is all we need
Differences between us Is nothing, if we only knew the thing..for you and i
In gods name were bless until the end.


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