Monday, March 14, 2011

Reason Why Most Men Cheat On Their Wives.

INFIDILITY  has become a major cause for cocern in todays time.. it is a common place to hear about husbands cheating with their secretaries or collaegues,and stories of married man women having  illicit relationship with their bosses,i decided to take a look at what could cause a person for another love affair, in part ,i took a research of the top ten reason why men cheat..

Shes Totally Different.

This is one of the most reason causing break ups in marriage,a lot of men feel that their wives change drastically after marriage.most men feels things will be just  rosy after marriage as well.but even though there may be more responsibilities,there is no personality changes.

She Doesnt Want to Change and adopt  New things.

Evolving continously is a very important in a relationship .people keep changing,and its important that women stay synchronized with times and their husband.many men think that their wives are stuck and do not seem to move on from their courtship day.

She Doesnt Want to Look Good.

Most women after the marriage  doesnt care about  after giving birth,lots of men expect their wives to age gracefull and look at their best even how busy they are.looking good for wives is a bit demanding.,but lots of women can balance their career,home and kids..'

She Makes Me Feel Old

This one is a huge grouse among lot of men,especially those going through 40's.this is the time that most men need to be reassured of their youth,constantly reminding them that they are old.even unconciously can seem harsh to these men.this may be a good time to bring that spark back into the marriage-take a vacation or do those naughty things you did as a young married couple.

This is  reason why most men cheated on their wives,but if you look at it..things is soo simple and workable..wife take the biggest part of the relationship,we know men is polygamous by nature,but its up the wives how to cope up with the needs of their husband in order to be satisfied and contented in the marriage life..



Nava.K said...

I have to agree with all you have stated in your article. Great facts many don't give a thought, esp women.

mariamama said...

Most of what you said is true, guess the best thing to keep up an relation is to talk about all this issues and don't get turned off if your partner criticises you but try to understand the other ones need.

great post and great blog

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