Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Second Year Anniversary To Me.

Today is my 2nd year working here in Dubai.life is soo hard but still i finish my contract..thanks god because he sent me here,where freedon is limited,dont have any pleasure and life that what i wanted.good things because i defined my life and looking forward to have a brighter future.being away from my family and friends,and environment is total different  but still i made it..living a life,work,pray everyday..is all i had for past 2 year..looking back with all the tears and laughters for the past 2 years,i cant believe that i overcome all those moment..

Im soo very thanks for my employers,though the salary is not that much,but they are taking care good of my needs,and the respect that they gave me..past few years,i didnt heard anything from them,i dont even argue with them,they dont even say words that might hurt my feelings..this is one of a kind experienced that i will treausre in my whole life.

Going back home  on july 16th is another phase of my life..starting all over again..i cant wait and excited about it but still a lil nervous of what life waiting for me ahead..but i know god will provide my needs.


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