Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Laying down on bed,
Thinking of,what would my life be?
Do i make everything alright?
Or I need to try In a different ways.
Question That i need to figure out.
Question that only me can tell..

Some are Lucky enough,
they was born with a golden spoon,
Some are just Fine,they was born nothing,
But they made Their Dreams come true.
Working hard day and night i bet they did.
Just to fed the family needs,or more
they wanted,a palace like house and expensive cars,

Thirty Years of my life,spent in a easy go lucky life
Not Knowing and thinking what would life be ahead,
But Now finally Realized,Growing old
With out nothing,is unhealthy enough,
Need to pursue my lil Dream while theres a chance.

Its Not Too Late To take my part,
Having a wonderful Life,Simple as i can.
Is all in my hand..with guidance of loving father,
I knew it..i can make it ...


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