Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Know

         I KNOW

I saw your tears falling,
I feel your pain,
In every words you say,
I know how it feels,
Life is never perfect as what we wanted.

Money is not the answer,
But only a lil love and attention,
You can get what you want,
Delicious food,expensive clothes
A car that u dreamt of,but for you
Its just a material things.You want
to be visible in the eyes of the man
that u swear to love till the end.

I adore you for who you are,
Simple ,beautiful and contented
On a simple Thing,but life is so unfair,
The only thing that u wish for,seems soo
hard to achieve,but just keep going my friend,

One day,all will be added unto you,
Just keep being you,dnt ever change,
hold on to your faith,coz he is watching over you.
Theres a sunshine after the rain..


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