Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Christmas Away from Home...

How can i say Merry Christmas to my self  with this emotions...i feel soo sad..things for me  doesnt go right..had 4 years chirstmas time away from my family..i feel like im soo empty..but i guess this is just normal coz im just only a human..have emotions. senses.soul..and the physical body..

My thoughts and point of view about christmas is the time to renew our faith..its reminded us that god gave his only son for us to save..this is the day when christ was born..we have to its not just only for exchanging gifts,nice clothes,lots of lots of yummylicious foods..thats is just how the way we celabrate our day of salvation..but what is the real essence of chhristmas is the time for love ,the purity of our heart..

that just my thoughts but deep inside of empty..i have lots of love in my heart... its over flowing ..but i am saying that i am empty because im longing for my longing for the attention and stuff...i want to celebrate christmas happy as i could..falshing back past i miss my mother...she used to gave christmas pesent for us(me ,nd my 2 sis) a 6 pcs panty...thats funny though but i found it sooo cute..i love you Mamang your the best...

Last christmas i had in the phillipines is with CMO manpower Specialist Medical towers makati,,it was soo great..thanks guys im a part of it. though i love the job i had .but i had to quit,because i think im not worthy enough in the position.placing people giving a job,is a great task i ever done.if i could given a chance to do it again ,i wouldnt hesitate, but i want it on my own pressure,no boss ,.Maam Corazon i owe you something..i hope i could able to see you and have some coffee..i still love you maam Corazon im soo sorry,i didnt give you a chance to talk to me for the last time,its my decision,and glad i made it right,,life doesnt goes soo well here but still i can survive from day by day..whew!

The last thing i want to do is just chillax and chatting with my friend n the christmas eve,,it would be nice if my special sopmeone would spare even just a lil time with me..but i guess im just dreaming..hes busy like a bee..oh well having a vacation for a lil bit of time..i do understang hes making his time worthy spending with family and friends and maybe.... maybe with... hmmnnnn..sound intriguingg huh...oh well the reality of life..everyman success there a woman sure...pretty much sure....he (>>>>>>>>>>)

                       MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE..
                                             AND  A
                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR.....



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