Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too much cold will kill me

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........i woke up at 4 :am,i dnt know why i always woke up early it seem like my eyes have  alarm clock..i never got bck to now i ended soring eyes and freezing...too much cold nd makes my joints aching...oh my this is the sign of getting old..oh well i cant help it..thats the reality of life...i need something to do with my aching joint maybe it is an early sign of rheumatism ,its called arthritis..waht more if i reach double of my age?oh well thats a long journey ...

i have jackets on,socks as well but still im freezing...its a weird thing though this is dessert country when summer cames too much hot that can burn  thicker skin...but when its winter time its cold like on the gonna try to get some sleep even just 1 hour ,i will cuddle with my bear baby..i need human blanket lol just kidding no need.....i just need my comforter ...hope this day will end just normal ordinary day..lord guide me  i love you..


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