Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Been Down fast few days

No matter how tough you are as a person,there are certain times that u cant even understand yourself..yes that what i am fast few soo down and sleepless a restless soul..i know theres a lot of things that bothering me,thats because i want things happen but it seems like its not the right time... all i need  a bunch of patient..i know god is watching me and knows what my heart desire.. he knows what i want even though i wont ask him..but its for me to take action..i cant wait to go home and have my freedom..i can do what i wanted to do..not like here..i have invisible bars..i wnt to do things that i love the most..spending quality time to my family..and one more thing..beautifying my house..thanks to my mother ..shes soo kind..imagine i have a house instantly..i dnt need to sweat more... all i need to do is to pay monthly and after how many years its all mine...thank you lord for all the blessing..i love you ...


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