Saturday, January 8, 2011



Dubai is the leading  center for business and tourism in the middle east.Acity of some 900,000 inhabitants,it is the second largestof the seven emirates which make up the united arab emirates.Abu Dhabi,which is the capital city,Sharjah ,Ajman ,Umm Al Quwain,Ras Alkhaimah and fujairah are the other six emirates in the federation.

Dubai offers the visitors a fascinating kaleidoscope of contrast _a distinctive blend of modern  city and timeless dessert,east and west,old and new,and exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle.Dubais combined the comfort and convenience of the western world with a unique charm and hospitality of arabia.
if you are looking of action packed holiday,dubai offers superb facilities for sport and recreation,from golf and watersport to desert safaris and  dhow cruises.or simply the oppurtunity to realx and enjoy the year ropundsunshine in the clean and uncrowded beaches..

Dubai is a shoppers paradise,gold ,jewelry,designers creation,cameras,electronics,oriental rugs,whatever your taste,youll find it here.from ancient souk. to luxurious shoppingmalls,visitors can count on bargains galore.families are not forgotten.the city has many parks and playground to keep the youngster  amuses.while at the end of the day,dubai restaurant and nightspot offer a wide choice of international cuisine and entertainment.

Climate:temperature range from a low 10c/50 f to a high 48 c/118.4f the main daily maximum is 25c /75.2 f in january.rising to 41c/105.8f in july.

Currency:UAE Dirham.US$1=3.67approx.100 fils=dh 1

Custom: There are no exchange restriction in dubai and custom duty is levied on personal effects entering dubai.visitors may also  bring the following free of duty.cigarretes 2000,cigars 400,alcohol (non muslim adults only) 2 litres spirit or 2 litres of wine. a reasonable quantity of perfume.

Photography: photography is genarally welcome outdoors ,how ever people shpuld refrain from taking pictures at beaches,private area,airports terminal and goverment offices,permission must be  sought from the respective offices for taking pictures in shopping malls and private areas.taking pictures of unknowm people especially women is considered  rude and offensive.

Clothing: lightweight  clothing is recommended during summer whereas suitable clothes should be worn during winters when temperature can fall especially at night.clothes revealing ones body are considered offensive.hence they should avoided once outdoors.

Credit Cards: american express,Diners Club,Visa.Master Card etc,are generally accepted in the main  hotels and larger shop..

Business Hour: goverment offices are open from 0730 to 1430 sunday to thursday,private sector offices are generally from 0800 to 1300 and 1600 to 2030.many shops stay open untill 2200 hours.the week end is thursday  and friday (or friday and saturday)


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