Friday, January 14, 2011

First week of the year 2011

My wish for this year is a peaceful living that only center my life to few weeks,lifes threw me lots of lemon and humps that i almost forget that all i want is peace...ive been stupid as well for being non sense..i put too much pressure on my relationship that i almost choke the person whic is not healthy in the relationship.. i do apologize for misbeahaving..jomir and i went through lots of fights and argumants that almost lots respect and almost fallen out  of love,but today is lil bit ok..hope everything will go smoothly in a long run...jelousy ang no trust is the causes of everything ,hope no more moments like was before..

thinking back of the first month sof the relationships,,inlove with each other and always wanting each other,but environment change and that normal people chnage as well. but still trying to make things work out...if not theres another plan ahead that god wanted...

Physically and mentally  stressed .i could say,ive been suffering also cough ,fever and colds,no appetite ,soo everything really suck...hopefully  all things will get better...


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