Friday, March 4, 2011


Its a great morning..its another story of our days to write down  in our life diary..i woke  up with a beautiful thoughts and inspired to start my day ,life is great and treating me so well..thats because i found love the endless love of our lord..there are times that i cant stop myself complaining in every failures and misfortune that happened into my life..i can even count it in my finger,and i strted comparing it to the the blessing that i recieved..i dnt even count it on my fingers and feet,lots of lots of blessing that i have to be thankful of.
Now i understand that everything has planned for us,just dont be rush over things that u want to make it happen in your life.. take it easy and slow, everything is under control in gods hand..if your rushing into things that i wasnt meant to be? what will be the outcome?? pain,hatred and low self esteem..everybody doesnt deserve those kind of  crisis emotionally..instead always wait for the god signal,communicate with him through prayers and im surely he will answer you in his own special way.

Thank you lord for everything please guide me always to grow each and everyday,please guide and bless my family,relatives and friend..i love you my lord thank you.

I want to Share this beautiful phrases from my friend SONNY PENALOSA


Motifs said...

A good day for me..positive things on my way..loved it.

chejom2010 said...

Thanks day was started great and all day long is just awesome...have a great day/night ahead..

Mari S. Wilbur said...

Thank you for your positive affect!!

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