Thursday, March 3, 2011


HATRED is a negative feeling which is not only has only Phsychological and emotional effects,but also affects your physical  health as it can lead to medical problem like,Hypertension,Migrains and reduce immunity to ailments.given below are simple steps to help you on how to overcome the hatred or negative feelings..

Resolve the conflict.

Even we dislike a person.we should not  let the feelings turn into strong emotions of hatred,instead you should take step to resolve the conflict and ill feelings so that you can lead  a life which is positive and happy and not tainted feelings of hatred,anger and rage.

Reading and Listening to Spiritual Books and Music.

Most of us usually did, if we hate the person we are spreading the gossip in the neighborhood and make drama to get sympathy of the others.instead of doing that some crap,read  the bible if it is available,inspirational quotes and other stuff is big help to lift up the spirit.. mellow and sweet spiritual song can bring us a wonderful feelings it replace the hatred into something worth living.

Ignore and Unwind.

Sometimes if the person refuses to accept his/her mistake that made us hate him..however instead of getting more angry and furious,just simply ignore him/her and dont let the ill feelings foster in your mind.if the person is just around that you cant simply ignore by his /her pressence,just relax and unwind it helps you feel better,going to gym or shopping will makes you feel better.

Forget and Forgive

We must learn the art of Forgetting and Forgiving.we are all human  and "no one is perfect" we must admit that everyone commits mistake and we should learn to forgive the person instead of establishing the relationship  with is great ,life is wonderful if we are living with the faith and love in our hearts.


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