Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moments Of time

Time       :12 Midnight
Location :On my bed
Activities :Blogging
                Listening To the Filipino Rythm DUBAI EYE 103.8
Mood     : Cant Define..
                Craving for starbucks latte

I love Watches 
 Its  12 midnight our room getting hot..soo sad the AC need to clean after the few months resting..its gettin hotter in here in the Middle East "Bye Bye winter  cold and hello summer special" speaking of summer special..whats on your mind? i guess some are planning ahead of summer escapade..for me summer special is just simple..staying inside on a cold room so i wont get sun burn,roaming in the mall during week end..outdoors activities is a big NO..i just wanted to keep my skin fairer till i get home so that i dont need to buy more whitening lotion/cream or whatever whitening products..thats  funny huh! but whats hot and what not? ofcourse most of us pinoy love a white fairer skin..
Really good song is up right now" you take my breath away and i dont know what to say"hmmnnn reminds me  of something that i cant explain.I guess its the right time to give a try in new relationship. hmmnnn still scared though , i dont know if im gonna say yes or no" after 2 months of broke up what do u think guys? is that enough time to try ?just asking but suggestion needed.back to the Rdaio Station DUBAI EYE 103.8 PINOY RADIO MO TO..the only radio station in UAE,the airing time is from sunday to thursday from 10 pmTill   a.m in the morning.tonight is OPEN MIC,Guest speaker Mrs Sembrano.manger/owmer of Dana And Falcon travel and tours services,they discuss about the the Tourist Visa processing if you want to work or visit here in Dubai,after of Opem mic Best by request till  2 am with blue bird and pretty roy.from 2 am till 4 am "you say we say" its an open conversation with the listener about the choosen topic,they will pick best sms and they will put on air conversation..speaking of on air it was my first 5 months here in dubai im getting hooked to the radio program i was about to sleep but i cant help mysef to send some comments on the topic."do you believe that there are still honest and good guy in this world" and i replied via Sms yes there is its just happened that that i just met the wrong person and it wasnt meant to be.even though hes cheating on me i still believe he is still a good man but we live in this crazy world where temptation is sorrounds us.i know that the right one will come on the right time for me.but the question is in general because it mention world not specified..my sms is chosen they call me and put me on Air live..waaa i felt soo nervous i dnt even know what to say ,but i have to depend my principles with some other caller..oh well i didt it well..oh ok enough for that.

Grabbed a Cup while on the way Home
 Right now im soo thirsty water alone cant squench me,i need something to drink.. im craving for starbucks latte,my mood pacifier..coz everytime i got irritated i pampered myself to have a cup of coffee,and guess what it help. if  satrbucks latte not availbale im making my own brand and taste lol.oh well speaking of attitude i have problem sometimes..i dnt know why im trying so hard to kick out and flush this attitude but still its like a bubble gum sticked with a super glue on my system.maybe because also of my situation always stressed..

Best by request is up now..i love those played filipino song..especially "ikaw na nga" by willie ( your the one) thats great  song and i hope hes the one im waiting and the right guy for me..Just kidding,,for now im still enjoying the single way..yes there are suitors that who are sincere,but i need to wait if who among them can wait and survive..lol thats funny..last song and im off to bed..need a beauty rest for tommorrow daily routine..how i wish days will pass soo quick so that i can fucos on blogging and networking when i get home..its time ti say bye bye.goodnight everyone..


Rachel said...

Yum yum starbucks :)
Thank you for adding my blog to your favorite blogs!!

chejom2010 said...

@Rachel..hmmnnnn i Guess your a fan of starbucks too..your welcome..have a great day ahead..

JIM said...

Temptation has always been around and always been strong.. you deserve someone who understands loyalty. You have to realize that and make others live by it.


chejom2010 said...

@jim thanks you for a wonderful comments..have a great day /night ahead..

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