Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broken Hearted

                                     Isnt it nice if you both love each other?
                                     Isnt it nice if you shared a dream together?
                                     Isnt it nice that you both faithful?
                                     Isnt it nice if you sing a song in one rhyme?

                                      Love each other
                                      Dreaming  together
                                      Faithful love
                                      Singing a song in one rhyme
                                      Such a wonderful thing in one relationship,

                                       But the time is here,another broken dream,
                                      Another pain another  new beginning.
                                      Whoelse want to? who else wants a pain,
                                      We all want happiness,we all want things work out,
                                      We all want to be treated fair..sad sad but its over.

                                       Breaking up with someone i care about,
                                       Is one of the toughest decisions
                                      Any of us will ever have to go through.
                                      Dealing with the pain and heartbreak is never easy.
                                      We just to live the days as they are set out anf not live in the past.


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