Sunday, April 17, 2011

When to Know When a Man is Sincere When He Says He Loves You

When can you say that he really loves you? Do you know the signs? Are you really sure? These are common questions women encounter every day. Here are some tips that will help you know if he really loves you.
Men do not say those three magic words if they do not mean it. It takes a lot of effort for men to say it. When he does say it, look him straight in the eye. Try to see if he really is sincere. Being together for quite some time, you should know if he really means what he says.
After that, you must feel what he is saying. Words are not enough. You should see and feel that he really loves you. Some guys may not be that showy on how they feel but you should know when he is letting you feel that you are loved. He may express it in a manner that you are not familiar with but you should always be appreciative of what he does.
If he is very supportive in everything thing you do, that is a clear-cut sign that he loves you. During the good times, he is there to celebrate with you. And in the bad times, he is always there to lift your chin up. You are sure he loves you when all of your friends leave you and he stays. He can be your friend and lover both at the same time. If he becomes what you want him to be in your life, that is a real sign that he loves you.
We can never really tell if a guy loves you with all of his heart. But if he shows all the things in the above mentioned, you can be quite sure that he does. It takes a real man to do these things to someone. And why do it if you do not really mean it? Not all men lie when they say they love you. You just need to know, need to feel, need to see if what they are saying is true. Learn to trust. As the saying goes, trust is the best foundation for love. And love can never exist without trust. Trust with all your heart, but always, always leave something for yourself.
Trusting someone with love might be quite hard especially if you've been hurt in the past. Learn your lessons. Do not let the past blind you in seeing when a guy tells you he loves you. This time around, he really might do love you.


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