Saturday, April 16, 2011

thank you lord for the blessing

Thank you my lord for all the blessing the you gave,for all the trials that i encountered fast few weeks..for all the weaknesses that i experienced and made strong..thanks you also for all the guidance in everyday of my a life less mistake is a wonderful to live...thank you my lord for the people sorround me,even though i cant please everybody but still i manage to handle the stressed.thank you also for my family,even though its not perfect but im soo thank because you are great to gave me a family that no one can compare,especially my beloved mother who is always there sacrificing her whole life for the sake of her family and childrens.and thanks you also my lord to all my friends whose always been around when i need a shoulder to cry on,and to those friends that touched my life spiritually..thank you soo much my jesus name  amen..


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